FP5 bad sound out of loudspeaker

When I’m listening to a podcast on my new FP5 using the loudspeaker I notice that the quality is really bad, a bit muffled. I used to have a Galaxy S10 and the sound was crystal clear there…
Is there anyone else having the same problem?

Have you tried adjusting equalizer settings. Sometimes changing it to bass on devices with stereo sound fixes the problem. The only thing I still haven’t found that setting on this device. I can adjust it on my iPhone 8 under music/ sound preferences/EQ this should be a feature on android under a setting in settings. Hope this helps in some way.

There is no general EQ setting, however the App used might have it like e.g. Spotify


That’s Unusual; normally there is a setting like that. No wonder I couldn’t find it.

As you said probably on Iphones it never was on Fairphones as far as I can remember.

Not native EQ, but if you want it Wavelet is my go to for audio EQ (even has AutoEQ which is a large database of headphone and earbuds frequency responses so you can make them sound neutral)

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This helped, thank you!


I tested Wavelet (free version) and noticed increased battery drain especually over night in flight mode and accu battery showed the phone isnt at all going into deep sleep. Deinstalled it, and deep sleep is again seen…