[FP5][AndroidAuthority]First look at the Fairphone 5

Uhm… I might be wrong, but according to the website the event is going to start at 11:30 AM CET (12:30 PM thus for Western Europe) on that day. I have the impression that this is a strange way to state the date while Western Europe is using CEST currently, and the countdown further up on that page supports that maybe 11:30 AM CEST would have been correct.

On a side note: I wanted to confirm this by using the “add to calendar” function and all I got were 4 different links to open in some proprietary mail/calendar services - that’s at least what I thought first, then as a last trial I used the Apple link and got the universal ICS file which can be important into virtually every calendar. This could be marked as such, as it is not visible when hovering over the link.


BT is offering FP5 at their website at approximately 700 Euros.
No exact specs given, no dimensions (I am specially interested in dimensions as I want to check the other brands cases), but the description feels legit to my ears


They’re boasting 3905mAh of battery (which is not bad, at all) and a 50 Mpx camera (hoping that we can use a port for the pixel camera app too).

So, the reveal is admittedly in a little under 12 days. I don’t really know what to do with that topic now. Speculations over specs and price? Talk about the giveaway? squirreling over any and all crumb of info about the fp5? or all of the above :smile:


Some specs are so similar to the FP4 that I’d seriously doubt them. 3905 mAh is 100% identical to the FP4 battery.


I paid attention to the eight year software support:)

But given the battery looks bigger, that might be off. Still I got the feeling the description was provided by the Fairphone Staff, not BT.


Huh? The FP5 will offer eight years of updates?

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this is what it says at the BT website

“Fairphone 5 is not only fast: it will stay up-to-speed until 2031. That’s right, 2031! Thanks to a unique long-life Octa-core chipset backed with at least 8 years of software updates”


Well, it’s a Instagram-only contest, excluding everyone who doesn’t want to give Meta his full bio. But then again Fairphone has proven to be quite marketing-friendly, if their last emailing is something to go by. :frowning_face:

Fair my…

Thats not exactly right. You can also participate on LinkedIn. Not much better, since its Microsoft but an alternative :smile:

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The rules do mention Instagram but the link seems to be the same, no matter if shared via X, Facebook, Insta or any other social media.

They try to get the interest up, so that it does not only reach already interested folks;-)


Let’s hope that with the price increase the quality will also be better. But maybe they’re just adjusting for inflation.

Not sure what, but I guess some minor clues are hidden here (from FB and Instagram):

:nut_and_bolt: Screws are what hold our products together and the start of a modular design. Thanks to those little pieces, you will also be able to open our upcoming latest release. Because if you can’t open it, you don’t own it. Are you ready for it? :sparkles:

While I love the number of both black and silver screws, their exact positions would need to be just minimally different to maximize my enthusiasm … :thinking: :wink: But have a look of your own into the literally uncovered back of your FP4 if you have one.


20 screws ! It seems a lot for a phone. Did they maximize the figure they made or is the announcement about a tablet ? Or both ? :scream:


If my count is right, 20 (8 + 12) is exactly the same number as in the FP4 (core/:heart: module screws excluded).


I didn’t know. I stayed on the 13 screws of the FP3.

20 is for the display (8 black) and the small modules (12 silver) combined. The equivalent on the FP3 is 22 (display 13 + small modules 9)


The screws positions seems to match the one from previously leaked images, so I guess no proper surprise here. Did you hope for parts interchangeability with FP4?

The weight is off. Offiicial mailing states 212 g. I would not trust these dimensions


Hi all,

By putting the model number from the BT page into a web search there seems to be a black variant as well as the transparent variant.

I wonder what the transparent variant will look like.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Probably like the one on the very left in the picture by AndroidAuthority posted in the first post of this thread: