[FP5][AndroidAuthority]First look at the Fairphone 5

Those pages at BT seem to have been taken down. At least they’re not working for me at this point. They might just have prepared their product database and published too early by accident. Or can anyone still access the product page using those links?

Not working for me either. Yes, I reckon that might have been the case of a too prompt publication. And now as it became the source of interest, there are already some blogs using the data on eight years support for instance, they decided to take it down. Just till the official reveal I guess.

There are still Google cached versions online.
And here an archive.org snapshot:
Fairphone 5 5G 8GB 256GB Transparent (F5FPHN-2TL-EU1)


Bottom module (no striking difference from first post) teaser (Instagram):

“Click here” again leads to http://shop.fairphone.com/event


The shape is a little bit different from the FP4.
It seems like, based on this picture and dimensions, the module now include the little plastic border, that in the FP4 is used to hold the back cover.

Probably the profile of the new phone will be slimmer than the FP4.

That has been @UPPERCASE’s conclusion a while ago already in this thread, too:


Yep, I’ve got the silver medal then. :slightly_smiling_face:
Or I didn’t read all the posts here.

I was deluding myself for some module interchangeability or upgrade.

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The Fairphone newsletter from August 22 is teasing a new product. It reveals not much more than the weight:
“For every unit we make, we recycle 212 grams of electronic waste. That’s how much our latest device weighs.”

They announced the official launch LIVE on August 30, 2023 on the website.

I couldn’t find a time, though. Can anyone help out?

After the photos of Fairphone 5 found in the internet recently, it seems clear, WHAT new product they are announcing doesn’t it?

Sure, it is written on that page: Change is coming soon | Fairphone
And while they have difficulties with time zones I’m pretty confident that it will be at 11:30 CEST.

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That’s called “creating a buzz”.
Never noticed that Apple/Samsung flagships are always leaked some time before the official announcement, so people can start getting excited about them?
“Secrets you’re not supposed to know” are always way more fascinating than simple product announcements… :grin:


A few more detail pictures (FP Instagram, I’ve removed the invitation to sign up to the newsletter).

Wild speculation re: Picture 1: Replaceable card slots?


Does anyone know what part this might be?? In case anyone is curious, I scanned the QR code and it returns, literally: “111211877777”.

Quite sure it’s the USB-C port. Similar like the replaceable USB-C port on FP4.

I added a first guess to my above reply.


Camera module… Maybe incl SIM slot


Teaser Horizontal_1

This used on an e-mail yesterday, to promote the coming event (tomorrow!)


I’m still impressed how they can confuse time zones so much (screenshot from the mail they sent):

I expected them to either correct it or to continue with the wrong one, but mixing it is uhm… interesting :wink:

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tbf this daylight savings business was expected to end in the EU exactly for this kind of reasons :joy:
but CEST is still applicable for like two months so, pretty sure they’re talking CEST

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To avoid confusion like this, I now usually just call it “Amsterdam time” or whatever place the event itself takes place at. I’ll tune in at 11:30 Amsterdam/Brussels/Berlin time tomorrow.


I apologize for the confusion, my colleagues are very much overwhelmed in this period and thus more prone to make small typos :slightly_smiling_face:

I can confirm that the event will take place at 11.30 CEST (or UTC/GMT+2 if you prefer).
Or, using aviation phraseology, 0930Z :wink:


On August 30 at 11:30 am CEST Fairphone reveals its new product (Fairphone 5?), whilst Shift is doing a Shifttalk about Shiftphone 8 on the same day at 7:00 pm CEST.

It promises to be a thrilling day for fair smartphone industry. Its my day off, so I will be at both.
Link to the Shift Talk: https://www.youtube.com/@shift-eco
Link to the Fairphone reveal: Change is coming soon | Fairphone
Who else is going to attend at both of the events?