FP4: Why not a tablet version? (oh no, not that question again!)

Isn’t there a market for one? From a purely technical view it should be easy: All that seems to be needed is the larger screen in a larger body. All other FP4 components should be re-usable. And there would be room for a 2nd (and 3rd?) battery. The rest would be a software adjustment to the new parameters e.g. of the screen. So with this kind of limited effort, why not provide a tablet version of FP4? Do you really think there isn’t a market for it?

The battery idea is great! I would buy one :slight_smile:

(I’m part of the ones that wanted a Fair Tablet instead of the FP4) …

I would like to see a Fairtablet.

Still running my launch Pixel 2 XL but it starting to fail on a few ways so will soon be replaced with a FP4.

I don’t there is one, really. Android tablets are in a much lower demand than smartphones, so it would be even more of a niche product.

Phone, tablet, laptop.

The range is questionable, though I am buying a frame.work laptop because it is modular, but sadly not fairtrade :frowning:

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