FP4 ultra-wide camera no video recording

Today I found out, that the ultra-wide camera on the Fairphone 4 doesn’t record videos. It can only be used for photos.

Can someone tell why?

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I don’t know the exact technical reason, but it is described in the specs:

Only the main camera has video functionality, maybe because it’s the one with the OIS.


I discovered it yesterday… WTF ? it’s incredible :confused:

I also discovered than the Video focus is pretty bad in low condition even if you select a spot.

So I tried to use another app, but it doesn’t take in charge the wide angle camera :confused:

Do other phones do this? Just checking, because my Pixel 3 has an ultra wide front camera, which is not available for video recording or video calls.

My old LG G6 from 2018 is doing this very well

You can even switch from one to the other during recording and get a wide angle on selfie mode :exploding_head:

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Best to contact customer support. Maybe it’s intended this way, or maybe it’s on their feature roadmap. They said a few times they are working on ways to improve the camera.

I understand that and yes it’s specified so I don’t think they will help.

Whatever, I am looking for an app doing this now to change my camera app :slight_smile:

Only the main camera hast OIS, so I guess that might be the reason for that decision. But probably, if enough customers are complaining, maybe the feature will be added in future developments of the app.
So I vote for contacting the customer support too.

Done for contacting the customer support

But I expect to get a solution in a few time as I prefer to use a 4 yo phone for camera than it :unamused:

Sorry, I don’t understand.
I thought the camera is working and can take videos :confused:?

Yes it is working and the camera can take videos only on normal mode
But I was used to record with wide angles so I prefer my old phone to record video and take pictures than my new FP4.

The customer support send me a message as I bought it on Orange store, I have to see with them…
I thought it will be more personal answer than automatic one…

I discover something cool !
You can use video recording as wide angle by using super antishake
When it is deactivated you use the normal camera
When it’s activated you use the wide one

Why ? Because the antishake is cropping the video and needs the wide angle :slight_smile:


But if it’s cropping the video, then the result ain’t a super wide angle recording anymore :confused:.

Yes it is. It’s crop but less than the size of normal camera aperture.
I will show you by video in an other moment but check that waiting the video

Every camera making anti shake is always croping the image. The wide angle is still there. You can see on pictures photos with different angles and then pictures from video with angles

To get the wide angle it’s necessary to turn on anti shaking

That’s not exactly true. Only, if it has no optical image stabilization, as the main camera has.

That’s strange, as OIS is a feature of the main camera only. Maybe there are different versions of image stabilization and only if you deactivate the optical, you can use the electronic one, which includes the possibility of using the ultra wide lens, which has a very ugly distortion btw.

I’ve just made a different observation with the pre installed camera app.
If video stabilization is enabled, the video mode is fixed to the main camera. If stabilization is turned off, the button appears that allows to switch to the wide angle camera just like in photo mode.
The OIS of the main camera still seems to be active.


Watch this :slight_smile:

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