FP4 UI Crashes everytime I put it on charge

I’ve had my FP4 for approaching 2 years. In the past couple of weeks especially it’s become unreliable. It’s getting really slow. The most recent problem is that the system UI crashes everytime I put it on charge. I generally don’t have to restart the phone, I just have to restart the UI. My software is up to date. My storage is only half full. I clear the cache everyday. I restart it at least once a week. I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve never had this happen to a phone before.

Do you happen to have an SD card formatted as internal storage?
As this may cause various problems – see e.g.

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Thanks for replying. I don’t have an SD card.

Did you try different cable an charger?

I’ve used a few different cables and chargers. It doesn’t make a difference

See if it also happens in safe mode

Infos here dic:safemode