FP4: The specs and your opinions

I liked your answer, and I know I sound like I’m trying to excuse myself, but this is my hobby, tech, and it’s quite difficult to sacrifice some specs and (even so) pay that extra money, knowing that…

I stopped as I was writting, because something ‘cracked’ inside me. This has to be the time, I just need to secure my financial situation, then put my money where my mouth is. To your words, I’d add: having the possibility to be part of the change I believe in, being an ambassador of that exciting and sustainable tech, that can give us hope. Thanks again!


I’m having some trouble with my FP2 (details can be found elsewhere on this forum) and hoped for the FP4 until i saw the specs.
For me there are two major flaws in it’s design: The lack of 3.5mm audio and a single SIM slot.

Where did you see that? Looking at Fairphone accessories i can only see a usb-c 3.5mm adapter. Especially with the increase of working from home (and thus making a lot of phone calls) being able to charge and make a call at the same time is a must.
I unfortunately also have an iphone which has the same flaw. Of course there are adapters available, but they are clumsy and not user friendly. You literally make your users pay for your poor design decision.

And for the SIM slots, in my FP2 i’m not using both, having only one physical slot in the FP4 makes is unsuitable for my use. The e-sim might be nice (not even sure, there are downsides too) but my SIM card doesn’t fit there :slight_smile:

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I’m surprised about all the negative feedback here, I am very excited to buy a Fairphone 4. The only thing that I can understand being annoying is the thing with (or rather without) the 3.5mm headphone jack.
But all the other stuff… The phone looks very modern (not only compared to its predecessor) and I think it has a great size, it even is more durable because of the metal frame and the IP rating while being more modular, it has a lot more RAM and storage , expandable by TWO TERABYTE, plus it has 5G!
I’m not even gonna start on the sustainability improvements like e-waste neutral and so on.
I think it is very important to consider that it is not sold as a replacement for the Fairphone 2 ore 3(+) but for people who wouldn’t buy a Fairphone 3 because of it’s lower specs.
So I think the advertising was not exaggerated and the phone is going to change the industry.


I think people have no will power if they can decide to change their perfectly well working smartphone only because there is a new model.

Since we can keep the FP3 for 5 years, does it mean Fairphone cannot sell a new model ? It sounds it is what you think and I don’t really understand why you think so. Could you détail your opinion ?
In my case, I think it is good for somebody who needs to replace its FP2 to be able to do it with a FP4 now instead of an FP3 that will receive security updates and have spare parts for a shorter amount of time


Sadly I was not able to see the live event yet. Was there any information about

  • Notification LED?
  • Off-Screen-Gestures?
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The adapter is a general idea not a Fairphone option

There are two SIM ‘slots’ but one is a software one.

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Indeed I do not question the FP4 being released “only” two years after the FP3 (the 3+ was just a minor camera update). Should they have waited for another couple of years, letting their offering look more outdated every single day? When you buy an electronic device these days, it is outdated once you leave the shop (or unpack your parcel). And due to the pace of the technical progress this is not going to change any time soon.

To get the most out of a product’s life cycle, you have to buy the product asap after it comes to market. Buying an FP3(+) in the summer of 2021 was foreseeably too late in the product life cycle (at least if you always want the latest model and technology).

Also, I cannot see any “secrecy and hyping” here. This is just marketing as usual. I mean: after dropping the first hints, it was obvious that the FP4 was near.

Apple has been doing this every f***ing September since 2007. And since they control both HW and SW, they manage to offer much longer support for their devices than anybody in the Android camp. Which, of course, has its price.



I too agree that people shouldn’t change their phones just because a newer model appears, but isn’t that exactly how phone companies operate and how capitalism operates? There are countless people who buy the latest iPhone every single year, just because it is available.

I wouldn’t say Fairphone cannot release a newer model, but I do think releasing one every year stimulates people to buy a new phone sooner than necessary. I think part of changing the industry is changing the notion of companies producing a new model every year that they than announce in some big way as if this new phone is the answer to all your problems. So, no, I would not expect FP to wait for five years inbetween models necessarily. However, I would expect them to not have a new release annually, and to not create too much hype around a new release, but to reaffirm their message of your current phone being the most sustainable choice every time they do release a new model.


@teezeh @Linn

It may be better discussed as @Incanus has directed, this topic is about the FP4 specs not an ethical issue about release dates.

Not that I haven’t been accused and guilty of off topic posts :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification, I understand better now. In fact, we think the same except on the fact that the FP3+ is a new model. It was a minor update. In my mind, this means a new model every two years.

I watched the live event and I think there will also be an FP4+…


I have actually – initially – shared the disappointment about a new phone launch after “just two years”.

However, in the meantime I have realized that this was also based on a false impression I had won from the long 39 month (excluding the final “Fairphone 2 New Life” edition) selling period of the FP2. From what I have heard recently, this was actually not intended, but rather accidental. Read: The (or at least an) FP3 was meant to be launched much earlier than it was eventually. Last but not least, delivery of the FP2 started almost exactly two years after FP1 delivery had started.


Yes, but that was necessary as the FP1 was more like a showcase and the software couldn’t maintained anymore.


There were remarks like this in the YT presentation chat as well. My clear opinion is “it’s not about the launch but about each individuals purchase”
If your phone is still in good shape and there are no urgent needs to replace it by a new model, why do it? Isn’t that actually the final step creating e-waste?
No one can tell you what future has in store and for how long one will have the “latest” product of a manufacturer. Development goes on and nothing lasts forever. With FP1+2 the company had to learn that their part quantities were to small for different suppliers to keep up production for several years which at some point forced Fairphone to realign their supply chain to stretch their goal of longer lasting and supporting their devices.
With only one model this surely was challenging. With more models and needs for (spare) parts suppliers probably can hold on longer to producing them helping to assure longevity.

I skipped the FP3 and FP3+. Why did I do so? It was my well reflected decision. Now my FP2 is 5+ years old. Although I met people at “Angels” meetings presenting their new device I never felt disappointed having purchased my FP2 years before. I’m resistant to such social pressure (I think often it’s about that matter and jealousy). In most cases successors are more advanced and better, but how should that work for any company:

How early beforehand would had been satisfying? 1 month, 6 months? Many companies keep such future plans information back specifically to also get their latest products sold. As it’s often expressed in their terms and conditions or datasheets “technical changes reserved”. And even this FP4 will turn old as time goes on, so should (potential) customers just wait until the next product? Will this then be the last one or age as well with time being succeeded by another again?

I think that’s the best way to go and appreciate and no other way I would take. Anyway I won’t dump my FP2 as it still works fine and is used for many things. Nevertheless five years development in this field is almost like decades in other fields. Imagine what has changed for conventional cars the last 10+ years. Now they can read emails to one - wow, what a leap but other than that still burning “something” to waste polluting and damaging the entire environment for the past century.
There are requirements forming and coming up in the future where my FP2 cannot cope with. Recent example the official Corona tracing app which requires fully implemented BT LE, which FP2 does not have. It’s not everywhere required yet to have at least one of such apps installed to gain permission or entry. But who knows what’s more to come for getting this global condition under better control. At first there was no speak of being forced to use these tracing apps, but reality turns out differently and it looks like there’s more to come.
Banking, cashless pay, you name it.

Yes, one may prefer to have two physical sim slots. Anyway at least it remains “dual-sim” + sd card slot having one as e-sim option.

I guess an Apple company device. If not, did you take a chance to express your thoughts there too?

…this one took me a while… :rofl:

You can pretty sure believe in this. I think the rocket now is lit and other manufacturers will again have to realize that their trend setting mindset is fading.

And how to place “opinions” in this topic? :wink:

With regard to the extended warranty:

  • Buying an FP4 before 31st Dec 2023 over two years away gets a 4 warranty
  • Any purchase in the following three months only 3 years ???
  • then only two years

So in three months it drops from 4 years to 2 years.


  • Notch (can be disabled in software)
  • No WiFi-6? The SoC does have 802.11ax-ready hardware, strange…
  • No OLED screen (quite old tech, my HTC Desire already had it)
  • No front facing stereo speakers (but it’s okay, it’s due to the modularity I guess)
  • No telelens (not a biggy, but would’ve been cool, even if it was an optional 4th camera module)


  • Replaceable battery
  • Still a cool design considering it’s modular
  • 5 year support
  • MicroSD card slot
  • IP54
  • Sustainable and modular
  • Open source

I pre-ordered it… Really want to know how it is. Especially the smoothness and stability of the software (I’m used to a Pixel), the camera quality and the display. I like to read eBooks on my phone. The contrast of an OLED screen is amazing for that.


Do you mean can’t be disabled?

Unless I have completely misunderstood something, the notch is how the display is built, respectively where the camera is. So you can’t disable it.

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Perhaps there is a setting that “submerges” the notch in a black bar all across the top end of the screen? So of course it would still be there, but visually disappear in a black bar.


But you can make it (nearly) invisible by software. The area around it will be filled with black content.

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I think this is the physical edge of the display…