FP4: The specs and your opinions

Then don’t buy a new phone :wink:.
You can’t use the same old connections for ever. Sometimes there has to be a change, for good reasons.

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That’s a pretty good point, but then so is @incanus.
What each of us can do is adapt, that’s also being versatile.

If I didn’t have an FP3 I would buy the FP4 with an adapter. I’m versatile, phones aren’t, they are a particular setup with limited variable specs.

Not that I don’t empathise with your disappointment, I had much the same disappointment but have got over it.

I haven’t said I’m against change, I love technical improvements so much I studied engineering. :wink:
My point would be, and others have said it before, and in different cases: if it works, don’t fix it.
So when you want to add BT head buds options, don’t remove such an important feature. Unless there are valid reasons for doing so, of course, but reading 200+ replies hasn’t been completely satisfactory enough. Which is very unfortunate because applaud the team and their goals/principle, don’t get me wrong. But I’ll keep reading on. :grinning:

Not safe for whom ? And what about crappy whatsapp, facebook, Google apps etc. does it make more sense to use these apps and services with an up to date OS in concerns of safety?
Is it meanwhile proven that banking apps/cashless pay apps are more safe when running on an up to date OS?

Sorry, I didn’t get this argument.

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Well, what part didn’t you get?

To be honest I don’t understand what you’re trying to say or ask, aren’t you combining several posts/replies/ideas into one? Are you sure you’ve read the complete thread?

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Thanks for pointing that out.

In 2021 almost 1500 million* smartphones were sold (samsung 15 new editions, apple 5 new editions, etc etc) so maybe the few fairphones are nothing more than a drop in the ocean?

A lot of people in this thread are talking about progress, justifying leaving ‘old’ technologies, doing market research, making it sound as dropping the 3,5mm jack follows some laws of evolution. Well, what about a ‘realistic’ world view according to the current consumption/sales?

Fairphone sold just under 22k units this year, and just under 100k units the year before. **

Any thoughts about that?

*) smartphone sales numbers 2021 - Google zoeken

**) Fairphones sold 2013-2021

The problem is also that the reasons are just those of users, not of Fairphones, and Fairphone’s reasons seem to come up a bit short if we are discussing the removal of the jack socket.

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I would say, yes, if APIs for common input devices are considered…

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Fairphone shows the industry and its customers what is possible for a small company who care. They lead by example.

Just like Framework Computer Inc (with Framework), Purism SPC (with Librem 5), and Raptor Computing Systems (with Talos II).


I’m missing the z Systems in your list here… no just kidding :upside_down_face:

My only and big disagreement is that Fairphone is not like them in that the root is Fair trade, not user repairability. It may be dressed up as technology but that’s not what I see. Though I can’t wait to get my hands on a Frame.work too :slight_smile:

Some people like Fairphone because it is fair trade, others because it is easily repairable. It is two niches, and yes their interests sometimes clash / conflict.


I was interested in buying a Fairphone for the first time but I have seen that the Fairphone 4 has a notch?

That’s just ugly and unattractive. It’s a shame so I will buy a notch less phone next time again.

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There are two use cases to consider: system info (top bar), and photos/videos. I think it is acceptable to have the notch positioned in the center and various system info aligned from left and right borders, which is an advantage, because more other info/photos, videos etc. can be displayed below on the screen. And regarding photos/videos: As long as they are displayed below the notch (which I think is by default), it should not disturb the view…


Why did you consider buying a Fairphone at all?

IMHO all relevant values of a Fairphone like fair treatment of production workers, fair sourced minerals, waste neutrality or longevity to just enumerate some are independent of a notch on the phone model…


I get the impression that many people believe the notch would disturb the fullscreen view for photos/videos, which is not true…


Why not? I’ve seen the notch in action on a few phones, it really looks counter productive. In the pre-notch era it was a huge deal if you would find one teeny tiny dead pixel. Now you have a cluster of dead pixels and people think it’s cool? I really don’t get it. Or some people think they gain screen space. But the notification bar is often 2x the size. And in landscape mode you miss a chunk on one side. I already didn’t see the use of those rounded corners, which cut off text on PDFs, books and webpages. But this is even worse.

I’ll still try the Fairphone 4. And my alternative would be the Pixel 6. So there is no escape from dead pixels I’m afraid… The Pixel 3 did it right in my book. Yes, you had a top and bottom bezel. But that does include very high quality camera’s and front facing stereo speakers. Losing that isn’t worth the 3mm of ‘extra’ screen space. It only looks cool in the specs, the high screen/phone ratio.

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As usual, people think about what they miss, not what they gain. If there was no notch, you would not have extra pixels around it…

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But those “extra pixels” is just a taller notification bar. If that notification bar was able to wrap more icons and notifications in the bar, then sure, it has some benefits. You’ll still lose those front facing stereo speakers and dual camera setup. But that extra screen space not the case. You just have the exact same thing, but taller :slight_smile: There is nothing to gain. And in landscape mode you’ll gain nothing as well. Would you buy a TV or monitor with a notch?

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The notch is outside the visible area of a 16:9 photo or video. So there is a gain. Just imagine the display ends at the lower corner of the notch, then the extra pixels are gone. So that’s a loss, because you need to display battery and network information in the rest of the display.
A dual camera setup for the selfie camera? What for?