FP4 stuck on B.079


I’m also stuck on B.079
My SIM uses the Proximus network in Belgium.

I’m also on Proximus and only got the B.089 update notification 2 days ago. So I expect it should come soon or maybe you can now get it by manually searching if you haven’t already tried that.
Chances are that there is still some sort of staggered rollout and you won’t find it manually, yet - but who knows…


I am also stuck on B.079 on ProximusBE. I opened a support ticket a while ago and they told me to try a different SIM card/operator. I tried mobile vikings - and that did not trigger any update.
Now waiting for further instructions from support.

I am on Youfone, which uses the kpn network (The Netherlands). I was on B.079
I just received the update to B.089
And it went smoothly.

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I just received the update. Sometimes things simply take a bit longer…


I just got it as well. It skipped B.086 and went directly to B.089 :+1:

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I also got the update. Patience is key :slight_smile:


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