FP4 Stock Camera app on /e/ or Iodé

Vince From iodéOs Team give a magisk module of the FP stock rom photo app and a permissiver on XDA Link


On 18th Feb another user on XDA remarked:

Thank you for this Magisk module. However, the ultrawide camera does not work as intended: I can see the picture from this lens, but the camera does not take or save pictures. After I press the shutter button, nothing happens.

and Vince replied:

There are some problems indeed. I removed the module, not usable yet.

So we’ll probably have to be patient for a little while longer.

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The feature list at iodè is very long and the stock camera is not one of the first positions on the Prio list.
So, I think you have to be patient for a very long time. :wink:

After some time passed and nothing new happened, I would like to ask.

Are there some plans to port or modify the native camera app so it can be used in other ROMs? The only way to use wide lens on /e/OS ROM in this moment is openCamera, which gives me disgusting results almost all the time. GCam ports aren’t solution as well as they lack any support of wide lens and same as openCamera, they got no support for focusing sensor. No 48Mp support neither in both apps.

I hope I’m not stuck with google-bloated stock rom for life, If I ever wanted to use my hardware freely. But so far it seems so.


I was thinking that as well. Would probably the best if someone could create a flashable ZIP so that it could just be added to any custom ROMs.

Or did someone try if it’s enough to just pull the apk from the official rom and side load it?

Sadly, there were some efforts to make Magisk package work so it can be used on rooted devices at least, but with no success. :frowning:

App didn’t work properly and some features caused it to crash. It seems it is linked into something system-level because instaling all dependecies didn’t help neither.

I can’t remember guy’s name to give him credits for at least trying, think his name was Frank from IodéOS team.

Nope, Vince was the name. All credits to him. Magisk package with broken camera app has been removed since, I still have it, if you want it.

I moved your discussion to an already existing one, mainly covering the same.

Linking this thread as it might provide some Details why other Apps cant use wide angle etc


Thank you for doing so, I just noticed the post you have linked as well. As far as I understand, the problem is on Camera2API side and there’s nothing we can do in the moment.

Could be fair IMHO (pun intended) to let me freely access my hardware I did pay €649 for.


Just found out OnePlus does. Only 48Mp option is locked in API in case of Nord 5G. Which is over €200 cheaper. And they sell lot more parts incl. outer frame. So the phone doesn’t have to be sent to you if aluminium frame of case gets damage like my did.

IDK, seem pretty much more >>>fair<<< to me.

Can you upload that Magisk package somwhere? I’d like to see what the dependencies of the APK are and try to install it on LineageOS.

I think camera vendor blobs were updated with the last 2 official releases and I’m not sure if this has been tested recently.

Hi can you provide a link to this cheaper phonethat has more ‘parts’ available, and by the way

‘sent to you’

?? this is just a user forum not the Fairphone company or support :slight_smile:

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I’v uploaded the Magisk module here.
So far I haven’t been able to get it to work on Android 12 even with a frankensteined on Google Photos app, but I also haven’t had the time to thoroughly look through the logs for some hints :thinking:

The fair in Fairphone stands for fairtrade, you are paying more so others are treated fairly.
That’s one of the main reasons this company exists. OnePlus might be cheaper but somebody else is paying the price for that.


Okay, that’s what I misunderstood. I though it also stands for being fair to your customers and letting them use their hardware freely. Not just their employes.

There’s honestly no reason for me to pay for something fairtrade if the product doesn’t do it’s job and it’s features are restricted.

PS: Don’t get me wrong. Fairtrade was the main reason for me to get FairPhone in the first place. But HW restrictions and their customer support are no-go for me.

What restrictions do you mean?

Camera module restrictions, Camera2API is missing access to DoF lens and widelens, therefore no easy support in custom ROMs or alternative camera apps for it.

How is Open Camera accessing the wide angle lens? It seems like there must we some way.
Is it using another API?

Quick Update:
For me the official FP4Camera.apk works perfectly on LineageOS including the wide angle lens. I’m sure what others made different, but I used FP4Camera.apk and Vendor Blobs from latest official version.

After researching the problems with third-party apps and the wide angle lens I’m sure there are two reasons why it’s not accessible.

  1. Apps need SYSTEM_CAMERA permission. That’s only possible for apps installed in priv-app as part of the system.
    See System Cameras  |  Android Open Source Project

  2. Apps need to be on the whitelist for auxiliary camera access (vendor.camera.aux.packagelist) or the whitelist needs to be disabled in custom roms
    See https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_frameworks_base/+/267306/

None of those should be a show stopper for custom roms. It means that apps that should access the wide angle lens need to be installed as part of the system / via Magisk module etc.


can you share exact Details please ?

Maybe I was a bit too optimistic yesterday … Photo mode seems to work well with both lenses but it keeps crashing when starting to record Video.

Something seems to be still missing. I have to dig a little bit deeper …

If I get it done I will share my device tree.


To the point of maybe shipping the stock FP Camera app with custom ROMs, what is the state of FP Camera in LineageOS? Does it work without issues when installed with the necessary permissions and in /system/priv-app, or are there still problems like you mentioned?

I can get wide-angle working in Calyx when the app is started from a shortcut (has been mentioned somewhere before), Pro mode works fine as well, but the main activity keeps crashing on me. Videos don’t work either and 48MP just produces even lower resolution pictures than the regular mode :man_shrugging:

Are those known problems or am I missing something obvious here? :thinking:
CalyxOS is pulling in some proprietary blobs by default, but compared to a stock /vendor/lib64/camera/ directory, there are several missing.
Is that it, do I just need all the things? :smirk:
(Sorry if this is a stupid question, I have absolutely zero experience with low-level Android stuff)

Edit: I’ve moved my question to this topic, seems like the more appropriate place.

There’s still other stuff missing to support it properly in current roms. I got it working on LOS-18.1 based build to the point that everything appears to be working fine as long as EIS for video is disabled.

Some config files and libs from stock must be added, sepolicy needed some additions etc. I pulled in quite a lot services and libs from stock, most is probably not required. Some things I know that they are needed or used, others are just guesses. Also fixed some other things which I noticed and are unrelated to Camera …

Didn’t have much experience with android development/porting myself. It’s learning by doing … :sweat_smile:

I need to narrow everything down to a minimal change set that I can submit to be included.
And before that of course I need to transfer this to LOS-19.1 device tree.

If someone is interested I can share a LOS 18.1 build with stock camera (only for dev/test purpose - not recommended for actual use).