FP4 stereo jack to usbc not working

Hi, a have a new FairPhone 4. Bought the jack to usbC connector on this site. But… when i plug them in… sound is still played through the phone speaker…

is there a fix for this?


I’m afraid I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you. I connect the adapter to my headphones, plug the adapter into the FP4 and it works immediately. (I use iodéOS.)

mm… i use the standard Android (12?)

Can you test with a different headset?

When I plug in the Fairphone USB to Audio Jack adapter WITHOUT a headset connected, music will continue to play through the speakers. Only when I connect a headset to the adapter, music will switch to the headset after a moment. Maybe the hardware of the adapter doesn’t recognize your headset?


i’ll try that and come back to you !