FP4 sound issues

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I have logged in here and posted something. How is everyone doing? ^^

I now have an FP4 and I am very happy with it, I still have with me my F3 as a secondary phone.

Since I bought the FP4 I have been experiencing a wierd sound bug and I wanted to know if it is a known issue and if there is any way to fix it. It happens to me that when something sounds like an alarm for example, and being locked I turn on the screen and unlock the phone it seems like the sound glitches or something and keeps running for a brief second inintermittently and stops, it is quite difficult to explain.

Another example, I connect the FP4 to my car via bluetooth, I play some music and without stopping it I turn off the car, leave it and unlock my phone, and the same happens (the music keeps playing for a brief second inintermittently).

It is nothing mayor and it might be solved with a software update, but does it happen to you?

Thank you!

Welcome back!

I’ve not had any such issues, but then again I haven’t had the phone for long.

Are you on FPOS, or a custom ROM such as CalyxOS or IodéOS?

I am using FPOS with Nova Launcher on top, I guess it is not an issue related to the launcher itself but I haven’t tested it.

Hmm… I could try to see if the error is reproducible, but for now I haven’t noticed this when watching videos for instance.

I recently saw that you can reproduce the error when receiving a message from a Whatsapp chat that you have open (you now the sound tht pops when someone sends a message) and as soon as you hear the sound you exit the chat cutting the sound while it is reproducing. Each time I do that the sound gets messed up.

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