[FP4] Sailfish OS for Fairphone 4

Sailfish OS for Fairphone 4​

Sailfish OS is a mobile operating system and is designed to be fast and customizable. One of the most significant advantages of Sailfish OS is it’s focus on privacy and security.

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This port is for the Fairphone 4 based on Sailfish OS This port is created by five dutch students as college assignment. This port is a direct continuation on the previous port posted by @dimac4455 on these forums.


All the source code can be found on our Github Origanization
(Link on XDA)


Everything that worked in the previous build works, but mobile data also works now.

What works:

Audio (Record and Playback)
Mobile Data (4G/5G) **New: fixed in this release!**

Known Issues​

Current limit reached with speaker

If the volume is set to 100% and you play a loud audio, there is a current peak where it reaches its limit and the Fairphone will crash. You then need to simply boot, and everything will work again. (This is replicable when playing the yolla remix ringtone at 100% volume)

Earpiece microphone bug
When you’re on a phone call. The earpiece microphone does not work. To fix this, toggle speaker mode on and off. Afterwards it works like normal. (THIS IS NEEDED FOR EVERY PHONE CALL)

Auto-Brightness Glitching
After first installing this build, the brightness might go up and down continuously. This is a bug with auto brightness. We will fix this bug in the future, but it is still currently present. As such, you’ll have to keep auto brightness off.

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The current release can be found on GitHub.


  • Must follow flashing manual for this device.
  • You can only flash this build over stock OS. No other android bases are supported.
  • For recovery you must flash the TWRP recovery image.