[FP4] Sailfish OS for Fairphone 4

Sailfish OS for Fairphone 4​

Sailfish OS is a mobile operating system and is designed to be fast and customizable. One of the most significant advantages of Sailfish OS is it’s focus on privacy and security.

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This port is for the Fairphone 4 based on Sailfish OS This port is created by five dutch students as college assignment.


All the source code can be found on our Github Origanization
(Link on XDA)



  • Camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • Telephony*
  • Audio (Record and Playback)
  • Sensors
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • Fingerprint

Does not work:

  • Mobile Data (4G/5G)**

*There is a known issue involving the earpiece microphone.
**This may be fixed with an update to Sailfish OS
(Details on XDA)

Known Issues​

Current limit reached with speaker

If the volume is set to 100% and you play a loud audio, there is a current peak where it reaches its limit and the Fairphone will crash. You then need to simply boot, and everything will work again. (This is replicable when playing the yolla remix ringtone at 100% volume)

Earpiece microphone bug

When you’re on a phone call. The earpiece microphone does not work. To fix this, toggle speaker mode on and off. Afterwards it works like normal. (THIS IS NEEDED FOR EVERY PHONE CALL)

Continue reading on XDA


SailfishOS ROM: zip


  • Must follow flashing manual for this device.
  • You can only flash this build over stock OS. No other android bases are supported.
  • For recovery you must flash the TWRP recovery image.

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I thought for A/B devices like FP4 (or FP3 for that matter) one can’t flash TRWP but has to boot it on demand.


Hi, as a person who is doing a competing build of Sailfish OS for FP4 (on top of lineage os 20.0) I have to comment some things, this build will probably help me with the call audio issue which has been blocking the release of my build, also my build would include home encryption and had fastboot flashable images, the way that is done is not documented really in the build instructions so it’s expected that it’s missing from this build. Also there is a better way to handle including of the needed Android files to the image. I have some ideas for mobile data also. And probably for the audio volume issues.


Is there a timetable for when you will get your Sailfish port in such condition that I can try it? Of course, first I have to get that phone :wink:


So nice to have this kind of school project :smiley:
It’s an interesting topic in itself and it’s useful for others too :wink:

Indeed, confronting the two “competing build” can help both of you to improve the porting :angel:


Well, I wonder why you have to consider it a “competition”.
Cooperation seems to be a way more beneficial approach to improve the functionality of Sailfish OS on the FF4 (or of any other open source project).

Anyway, I am looking forward for a release of your project. Do you plan on opening a git ?

I am really looking forward to your port!
Did you overcome the blocking issues?


@mal, are you still working on this? I’d really love to try out your port!


Dear @mal, is the FP4 port still in the works or have you given up working on it?
I’m not asking about ETA, but I think it would be helpful to know if one can expect a port or not.

Having said that, of course I recognize that you put a lot of work into all the projects, I had an FP2 with SFOS for a long time and know how carefully the port was/is maintained! Thank you very much for that! But I am an impatient character, sorry for that :wink:

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I would be happy if FP3 also get a SailfishOS.
For FP2 is released :smiley:, but my FP2s are beyond the limit with some apps :melting_face:

Hi, I haven’t given up on FP3 nor FP4, trying to find time to finish it, maybe I should prioritize those, too many projects. I’m a bit too perfectionist which causes problem of not releasing quite well working ports.


Hi @mal and thanks for the update regarding the work on the port!

Non-functioning sound output when making calls r other problems of that kind would of course be quite a bigger disincentive to use the port. But minor roughness here and there would probably not be a reason for most not to use the port. But I get that it’s about your personal preference, that’s of course legitimate :slight_smile: And the prospect of an even more stable port is of course great :slight_smile:

Best regards!

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I conclude that the FP4 port works pretty well? :smile: :