FP4 restarts random, opens no apps anymore

Hey there,
i’ve got a huge problem. My FP4 restarts just random while i’m scrolling through social media, playing a game, oder writing a message. I cannot identify a trigger… This is happening since day 1.

But the even bigger problem is: Since yesterday I can’t even open any app anymore!! If i click on the symbol, the screen goes either completely black, or only shows the start page of the app. The only one working, is settings.

What can I do??

I already restartet it so many times. I even took the battery out, and waited some minutes before restart. The settings show me, I habe Android11, and there’s no update possible…

Please help me!!


Hi Verena,
try to start your FP4 in save mode according to the guide you can find here:

FP4. Safe mode – Support (fairphone.com)

If your phone runs o.k. in save mode, one of your installed apps could be the reason. I would stopp or even uninstall apps (at least those which can easily be reeinstalled).

If your phone doesn’t run in save mode too, I would disassemble and reassemble all parts of the phone. There shoud be instructions here around to do that.

Good luck!


Thank you! I’ll try that.
Meanwhile I found the “Troubleshooter”, whereat advices for the restart-problem are.

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