Fp4 replacement screen is different from screen when purchased

pruchased FP4 online in NL august 22, dropped it Dec 22 and screen smashed, so purchased a replacement FP4 screen.
tried to replace the screen and DAMN- the replacement screen is different! it has 8 screw holders that stick out, whereas the original scren was flat.
also the btb connector where the connector cable ribbon goes into, seems different (certainly from the online instruction videos) and it now doesnt click into the connector but rather sits or rests on top
so now cant attach the new screen.
What is going on ? anone help ? is there anothr

Well, that photo isn’t very helpful, but what you should check is if really the whole of your old display is removed from the main body of the phone. The drop might have actually separated just the main part of the display, perhaps its screw holders are still attached to the phone? An FP4 display should indeed hold 8 screws, see these instructions:


many thanks Lesse!
that indeed was the problem, i had seperated the main part of the display from the part with the screws. problem was that I undid the 13 screws (and not the main 8), and then when i seperated with a credit card, i seperated the 2 screen componenets by error
thank you!


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