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Happy Eastern! All unedited stock app.



(A train of the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway, Germany on it’s way up to the Brocken)

This work by t_aus_m is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License .


which mode have you used?

All standard. No HDR (sadly, I just noticed), no high resolution.

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All shot with the stock camera (version v2.0.024(02151300-01))

This is a picture I shot with my Pixel 3 last year. In this round, the FP4 wins :slight_smile:


Latest security update on April 4 2022

stock app with hdr enabled

For me, the camera looks really nice. Low light is a hit and miss.


Gcam, HDR


portrait mode, GCAM


Stock camera app with default settings.


All taken with Stock Cam. Resolution downgraded with imagepipe.


All shot with the stock camera (version v2.0.024(02151300-01))

Edit: I’ll take a break from uploading for now, this is quite enough I think :slight_smile:



Here also some gcam photos:
(first one is with zoom)
(the 3. is stock cam with max ISO (6400) and exposure time (1/2s))


Today I bought some smartphone lenses for €34 on Amazon, and you maybe want to know how that look like.

Everything is made with gcam_greatness.
The product: (obviously without any extra lens :smiley: )


Tele lens: (the crane part you can also see on the fisheye) *Just to show the zoom, don’t have nice objects here.

With additional 8x zoom:

Macro lens:

And there is also a wide lens, but it’s basically like the FP4 wide lens.
It always takes a moment to put a lens on, and you rly need the tripod for tele shots.
But if you have some seconds to prepare, it makes quite nice photos!


Why didn’t you show us the nice ones? The others here look awful :slightly_frowning_face: .

You can see the zoom of the tele.
Should be obvious, that a crane isn’t beautiful. :man_shrugging:
Or what do you mean? Just call something awful, is like saying the poem was “good” in school…
And the quote is just nitpicking :man_shrugging: .
Here another tries with the tele lens, isn’t so easy to find something in the right range to the zoom and also make it sharp. You can see x22 zoom and a vignette, the rest is FP4.
I hadn’t time to go and search something more pretty than what I have outside my window.

And another macro shot…


Well all photos are blurry all over, nothing sharp in the pictures. There is heavy distortion too. So I can’t find anything ‘nice’ in these photos. I definitely wouldn’t buy the lenses.
So basically I couldn’t understand your conclusion, that it is possible to make ‘nice photos’. For me, they are just useless, sorry.

Blurry… yeah, macro photos always just have a short focus point, so everything a bit too near is blurry, on any camera. And a big vignette on the tele… maybe you have to cut that out or use the digital zoom to cut that out. I agree, that this is often not wanted. Sharpness is just…difficult, but precisely adjustable with patience.
But in the end, you always have to compare what you can do with the FP4, not a dedicated camera.
The FP4 cam, can’t make close up photos at all, the macro lens can give you sharp super close pictures, even if it’s complicated on not plain objects.
And that you don’t even need to try to digital zoom to x22, I don’t need to explain.
So instead of don’t document what you saw at all, you can do it at least.

You could say, “ah, nice try, but I would buy a bigger/more expensive tele lens to avoid this vignette shit.”. I didn’t say the name of the product on purpose.
It’s just “does those (super cheap) external lenses work?” and they did to a certain point.

I can’t see anything bad on the macro photos, great for a Smartphone. Fish eye is always the same, wide lens gives you the secondary cam with quality of the main FP camera. (atm the wide lens on the FP4 is unusable…)
And yeah, the Tele lens… at least you can do it, I guess there are far better ones on the marked.

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I know that macro photos do have a very narrow depth of field. But in the shown makros, nothing is sharp at all.
If you are ok with those pictures, feel happy. But for me, it would be completely useless.