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March security update, using the native camera version v2.0.034(12071600-01). Colors are still muted/flat, but in some conditions colors can be natural. To me it seems the software could use some finetuning for this. The green colors in the picture with the solar powered pump are more natural than the trees at the lake and the tree covered with leaves at the base. Pictures indoors are still not usable. People are ghosting and facial colors look muted/flat and washed out by the filters.


So a while back I took some pictures with a Pixel 6a and compared them with the FP4. I mentioned there that the lighting conditions favored the FP4 since the weather and light was quite grayish.

Since spring really kicked off in NL, it was time to make some comparisons with some more light and colors. It’s not as extensive as the previous one. But it gives an idea. Of course the Pixel 6a is better, and of course FP4 doesn’t have the resources to match the same quality. But it does show the weaknesses FP still has and may work on improvements.

As you can see, the colors of the FP4 are flat, dull and sometimes overexposed which makes them look unnatural. Grass for example sometimes turns yellow, while it’s green. This happens both in sun exposed areas as in a shadow environment. There is also a lot of detail missing in the FP4 pictures, this is also happening with faces, which is especially disappointing.

Fairphone 4 uses the native camera version v2.0.034(12071600-01) with the April security update.

As before, the left one is the FP4 and the right picture is from the Pixel 6a.

Wide angle

Close ups

One without the sun, to show that the colors are still washed out

Video quality, FP is again has flat colors, but also the video stabilization is almost none existent

Cropped picture taken with the FP4 of a baby (due to privacy reasons), lips are blue-ish, why?!


To see the problem just check the clouds in any picture they appear (like the first set of pictures, top row): The FP4 ones have a lot less detail than the Pixel ones.

Cloudy skies are a nice camera quality indicator because they are very subtle and delicate, only made of very subtle color and brightness nuances, with lots of faint detail.

(Ah yes and they are Netherlands’ main sight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, since the 17th century Dutch Masters…)


Added 2 videos and an image of a baby. If I would have kids, then the FP4 would be a bad choice to save memories. Of course the FP4 is good for the child’s future. But it’s a tough choice.

Was nice meeting those who were there in person! :tada: I had a fun evening.


Took these pictures with a FP4 running iodé 14 and OpenCamera set @ 1920×1080 pixels resolution, except the one in the bikes workshop @ full resolution. Post processing using GIMP only for the one under the porch:


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Hi KurtF, just for the fun I wanted to share some of your pics above after a two clics post-processing using Fotoxx that makes them look to my eyes half way to those made with the Pixel 6. But for some reason the preview shows only rubbish; gnee, first time happens to me.

I don’t actually have any pictures in this thread, could that be the reason why it doesn’t work? :laughing:

« I wanted … but », yeah.

Well, since this thread has been revived anyway, let me at least post some (older) pictures and pay some cat tax in the process:

  1. June 2023, FP4 stock camera app:

  2. June 2023, FP4 stock camera app:

  3. June 2023, FP4 stock camera app (unzoomed vs. zoomed):



Also rest in peace Henri (the Campus cat). I hear he was recently run over by a car on Campus. :crying_cat_face:

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Here’s some ice coffee I had this evening, photographed with the stock camera app (on the left) and the Open Camera app (on the right) respectively. I used the normal lense and regular mode. Note that the sun had already gone down, so lighting was all artificial despite being outside, but the images turned out fine.

Also there’s some more cat tax from earlier today. :smile_cat:

Update, 05. Sep 2023:
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Well, since I’m at it already, let me be a good taxpayer and continue my cat-tax streak with some pictures from this afternoon - this time with proper sunlight. Again with Fairphone stock camera on the left, Open Camera on the right:


Nikita GCam


There’s probably a fair amount of ML shenanigans going on but still, for a FP4 picture, quite happy with the result :slightly_smiling_face:
(BSG GCam MGC 8.9.097)


In comparison: New stock app, 2x zoom


Some concert photos

Gcam port:

Old stock cam:


Old stock cam with aweful noise reduction:

OpenCamera with the same problem:

Gcam port:

I am interested in how the new stock cam will behave in such situations.