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Can you share this? I’m curious. As you can see in this thread, Pixels are far more capable of creating decent pictures than the Fairphone, especially in challenging environments such as low light. The picture you’re showing is actually taking a picture of a light. When you try to take pictures in a decently lit living room without the lights on you’ll notice that the detail in picture quality will degrade quite fast. Faces even may become unrecognizable.

I am sorry, those photos are personal. I will try to explain the situation a bit better.

In general, you are right - the pixel cameras and their HDR are quite capable. I went on smaller family trips without my camera gear (5D Mark IV, several lenses), knowing i could count on decent pictures with my old Pixel4a.

However, having the pixel6 and the FP4 side by side, it is sometimes funny that the pixel6 tries to make the shot better but delivering a, from an artists point of view, worse picture.

Same shot, but i do prefer the FP4 - even if the Pixel 6 manages to avoid the overexposure.

Overall, the Pixel 6 delivers outstanding Images, and is the best smartphone camera available now. However, i am amused by the edge-cases where the HDR magic goes too far and tries to make a better picture in theory, while making it worse. Those cases make up maybe less than 1%, but still interesting imo.

One example were the flashlight lit faces of kids against a dark brick background. FP4 had those bricks nearly invisible, which was fine as it was dark. The Pixel6 tried to increase the exposure and contrast in those areas, which only lead to more noise and made the picture a bit boring.


Stock camera, night mode.


Into the morning sun


All night mode and stock camera.


Stock cam

Graphene cam


Today I was at a conference and wanted to take a few pics of some slides. Had to use night mode to get the out of focus blur out of the pictures. Kind of makes sense. But the night mode also heavily depends on still images due to the slow shutter speed to capture more light. So it may not always be a good solution.

Regular mode

Night mode


Hi there, I found that when zooming in, the images are massively over-sharpened. For comparison, if I just take a hipixel image and crop it, then it looks as I would expect. I know that in some cases over-sharpening can look good, but try taking a landscape with trees on zoom - ouch! Have you found that at all?

Using the stock camera app, all updated (as of Dec-2022).

I know that some say use the gcam thing, but loosing hipixel & wide-angle makes that a no-go…


Why not using both depending on what you need in the given siituation?


Like this I guess


Yep, that first image looks like a cartoon… It’s clearly a software thing, and I’ve never see such a shocking result with a zoom. I get that occasionally over-sharpening might be helpful, but most of the time it just isn’t!

Love my FP4 to bits, but I’ve got no idea what they were thinking here… I also don’t think it’s reasonable that I should have to used another app that kills certain (great) features of the camera (hipixel & wide angle).

I can only think that it is perhaps a firmware problem with the camera module? If not, then at least give an option somewhere to enable/disable this bevahour (like with HDR).

Anyway, some official comment/clarification whould be helpful.

This is the only single problem that I have with my FP4 - super happy with everything else.





Which camera App have you used for the night photos?

GCam Wichiya port(I think it’s called)

Default camera (Version v2.0.034(12071600-01)) with Android 12 January update.


The photos do look better now…

This looks like a big update in the good direction for the camera-app on A12? Or I’m I to fast to say this. Still not owning a fairphone 4 so can’t test it out, but those pictures looking fine to me.

No, it’s the same quality. I don’t see any difference. The thing is, the camera can be very good, if the lighting conditions are good and nothing moves :nerd_face: You can see that the 2 people in the center of the second picture are ghosting. They are not even running…

So if they only fix the software to make it work in most situations, we could have a great camera. But my guess is that this will not happen. They are already struggling making Android work and release on a predictable schedule. But if they can proof me wrong, then of course I’ll be happy.


I see! Didn’t spot the ghosting. But when zooming in I noticed. Yeah to bad it’s still not on the point where it should be.
Still following the project and happy my “old” phone still does the job, so I don’t need to make a decision for a new phone to pick :slight_smile:

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