FP4 - only one camera works at a time (after screen replace)

Greetings - My FP4 was working great until I replaced a cracked screen. After that, only the primary camera worked; the selfie camera was a white blur.

I removed the FP cover to check that nothing was covering the camera module. All seemed fine. Didn’t change anything. Replaced FP cover.

After closing the FP again, the selfie camera works again… however now the MAIN camera shows only a white blur. :frowning:

Software is the latest available upgrade. No third-party camera software ever installed. Rebooted several times over the past few days. Still only have a working selfie camera, but the main camera shows just a white blurry screen.

Any ideas?

There is a very small chance that by replacing the screen you have disconnected the connector of the camera. For details see this page about replacement rear camera at Ifixit.

Thank you for the fast response. However, the rear camera is fine now. It’s suddenly the front camera that turned white. I will eventually check the connectors for both though; good idea! Obrigada!

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