FP4 not getting FP3R update of feb 2022


Here, FP4 user from France.
Release notes indicate that FP3R update is available since Feb 4.
It’s end of febuary and my FP4 does not want to update.
Any idea ?


So the OTA updates are linked to your carrier as I was informed when I asked previously about the December update it will eventually come but some carriers roll them out quicker than others if you want it quicker you could try borrowing a friends SIM card and seeing whether that carrier has pushed the update out yet :man_shrugging:


Thanks for the Info.

Usually OTA updates are managed by phone compagnies (eg: Fairphone, Samsung, OnePlus… ).
Germany was systematically the first European country to receive OTA in my last OnePlus.

Hi @Dasm, the updates are def. pushed through the mobile provider on the FP3 and FP4, not only Fairpone, so NiceoldRum is correct with his statement. However there might be reasons a provider is holding it back, so using another SIM might help to get it, but might provide issues then, just to consider.

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Whereas the phone manufactures create the update, it has to include proprietary code for different chips etc. It is then sent to the networks to get them to OK it, as the networks use different protocols.

So the update is, as you say, managed by the manufacturer and has to be OKed by the network, which is sometimes ill done and requires a further update. Alternatively the network and Fairphone see an issue, which may or may not be with a particular carrier and the update is not pushed along that line.

Fairphone, being a small company with three OSes in the pipeline, A9 (FP2) A10 (FP3) and A11(FP4) all going via a dozen or more carriers are not as quick as Samsung for example ~ by a long way.

Sometimes a network, such as Vodafone will accept an update and push it, only to find later that a function doesn’t work on a specific carrier. You can search this forum for Vodafone (Germany) Caller ID issues for example.


Which version do you have?

Under System settings → About phone → Android version, I have:

  • Android security update: December 5, 2021 (this seems to be outdated)
  • Build number: FP4.FP3R.A.099.20220112

This is the current one. They haven’t implemented more recent security updates yet.


Thanks to all for those precised answers.
Actually I have : FP4.FP3Q.A.094.20211213 and no update propsed.

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What network/carrier are you using and have you contacted them to see what they have to say?


I just got FP4.FP3S of march 2022.
Carrier: Orange France.

Thread can be closed.

Thanks !


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