FP4 newbie setup

Setting up my FP4, moving from Samsung, the usual niggles swapping systems.

Can’t find the setting to get the power button to turn off the handset? All it does is nag me to turn on Google assistant.

Fitting a screen saver has reduced the screen sensitivity, can’t see a setting to increase sensitivity?

More of a gripe, why are the WiFi and data switches combined? Two presses when it used to be one?


This can be found under Settings → System → Gestures

As for them combining the two data options… Yeah, I still don’t quite get that one.

But it’s no Fairphone special, but Android 13 standard.

I don’t understand what you two mean. Is it about the quick settings menu and the internet option, that includes both the wifi and data switches?

You can change that out to individual switches. Swipe the quick options completely down, press the little pen (edit) icon, then you see all the available quick setting options that you can drag and drop. Look for ‘Wi-fi’ and ‘mobile data’ ones. For me they are the first in the list.

Yeah I don’t see it. Is this an app you’ve installed to get this functionality or are you using a custom ROM?

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I don’t see it either.

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Def not possible using FPOS.

I’m using CalyxOS.

Interesting, I always thought this was standard Android functionality.

Doesn’t seem to be. It probably should be though.

Since Android 12

Not with FPOS since Android 12. Pleaese add the OS you use, to avoid misunderstanding.

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They sure as hell didn’t ask me. I hate these new big quick settings buttons.

That is not a FPOS but /e/OS build number.