Fp4 Mobile data not working (after latest update?(

Mobile data on my daughter’s quite new Fairphone 4 (July 23) is not working since latest software update. I have tried all steps in the troubleshooting guide and we have done a factory settings reset to no avail. Android and FP OS are updated to the latest version. I have tried my own SIM in her phone - not working - while her SIM and data connection works in my phone, so problem is with phone, not SIM or service provider. Anything else we could try or time to hand it in?

Have you checked the APN settings?
Which operator is it?

You can reset the APN settings to default from within the APN using the 3dot menu.
It might be that these survive a factory reset, so defaulting them there could work.


Thanks so much! Finding our provider’s APN-settings and entering them manually solved the problem!

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