🇩🇪 🇬🇧 FP4 Mikrofon über USB-C zu leise / Microphone via USB-C not loud enough

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das Headset, das ich damals mit Fairphone 2 über Klinkenstecker gut nutzen konnte, möchte ich nun über den mitgelieferten USB-C zu Klinke Adapter auch am Fairphone 4 nutzen. Am FP2 funktionierte das Headset sehr gut. Am FP4 ist das Mikrofon viel zu leise, also kaum verständlich. Ist ähnliches vom Adapter / von der Audio über USB-C-Funktion bekannt? Gibt es Abhilfe?

I used a headset with Fairphone 2 some years ago over jack plug and it worked well. The same headset on a Fairphone 4 with the jack to usb adapter can’t be understood as the microphone is too low in volume. Is it a known issue with the jack to usb adapter or with the audio function over USB? What can I do to improve audio quality?

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Ein Upgrade auf Android 12 brachte leider keine Veränderung.

Upgrade to Android 12 did no changes in this topic.

I have the exact same problem with my Fairphone 4
I bought my audio jack to usb adaptor on the Fairphone website.
When listening to music I have no problems but unfortunately I cannot use my wired headphones for calling anymore since the sound recorded by the microphone of the headphones is interpreted way to quietly by the Fairphone.
I did a comparison with a Samsung device and recorded the same sound and indeed the sound recorded on the Samsung device is louder using the Same Fairphone jack to usb adaptor and headphones.
So it has to be a software issue with the Fairphone operating system interpreting the audio jack microphone too quietly

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