FP4. Microphone not working when recording

Hi everyone! I’ve just receive the FP4 and I really like it so far. However, the microphone does not work when I record sounds as a voice message (whatsapp or telegram) or when I record it in the recording app. The sound is broken. It works well if I call. The problem is the same whether I use external headsets with microphone or not. Any idea of how to solve the problem? thanks!

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Could this be related to your problem? :thinking:

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HI! The problem is not really the same: the sound is not low but broken: it sounds “robotic”, with only sometimes I can hear a few parts of words I pronounce.
When trying to dial * # * # 2 8 8 6 # * # *, it seems that only mic 2 and 3 work, if I did the test right (I touched the bottom mic for the first test and it doesn’t do anything).
Is it a problem with the mic 1?
thank you for your help

That sounds like a hardware issue to me, but to be sure, maybe run the test multiple times and see if you can get a reaction out of mic 1.

If you can’t get mic 1 to produce any output, I suggest you #contactsupport

This sounds like the bug I reported the other week, if you go to settings and find/search for “permission manager” and then click on “Microphone” under “allowed all the time” is probably Google if you click
on that and select “Don’t allow” I suspect this will fix your issue… for some reason Google doesn’t let anything else use the other two microphones if it’s given permission to run all the time

Also if this fixes the issue please open a support ticket to let Fairphone know as it will hopefully speed them up fixing it


Thank you for suggesting this! I am experiencing the same problem as @tot but Google does not have permission indicated as “allowed all the time”. Just FYI.

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Thank you so much, it did solve the problem!

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I experience the same problem as the previous users. I can not change in the microphone setup, there is not that option in my F4.
On the other hand it says: “Microphone- Always allowed- No app has this permission”.
I had in my ignorance thought it could be an antenna problem as I live in a place that has poor cell phone coverage

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