FP4 maximum power saving mode


Does anyone know if FP4 has a maximum power saving mode? similar samsung?
Or does anyone know id there is an app for this?
The current battery server is not that effective, I want to reduce my power usage dramatically and just use a few apps.

Hi and welcome to the forum.
As you say you only want to use a few apps, maybe you could clarify as unused apps don’t use any power anyway.

Still you can remove some anyway.

Thanks for your reaction.

During day to day I use multiple apps and have a power source.
However every now and then I go on a multi day hike, without any power source. This is the reason I am looking for a state that only a few apps work, and a minimal set of background services.
For example, camera, gps, maps, and Whatsapp.
When the phone is locked than it should, shut down everything except mobile connection (for emergency use).
Samsung and Huawei have something like this.

The regular and extreme power saving modes are native Android features. Android 11 only has the regular option and Android 12 has the regular and extreme power saving option. I personally never really noticed much difference between the 2, since the screen and active data connections drained most of the battery. With a Pixel 3, which has a small battery, you look for any solution to extend that battery life. Best solution I found was to not use the phone :clown_face: And of course iPhones are superior in terms of battery efficiency.

So in short, Android 12 will be released in the upcoming months for the Fairphone 4. It most likely has extreme power saving included, but my experience hasn’t been extreme positive :slight_smile:


You could use the flight mode and turn on GPS manually. Anything else should stay offline and save power.
Your maps can be downloaded before your trip. Open Street Maps is more detailed for topographic maps and hiking trails anyway and offer an option to download maps for a whole country. So no connection is needed.
For the use of a messenger of course you need to switch off the flight mode. But in the mean time you can enjoy the hike without beeing interrupted by bugging ads or calls from your boss :wink:


Thanks everyone for your reaction.
I will most likely do what ElKrosso suggested, and will let you know about the results.
My previous phone was a Huawie P30 and the battery performance was fantastic, and ultra power saving made a big difference.


As @UPPERCASE already hinted at, battery consumption depends a lot of screen usage. Basically, the darker it is and the lesser frequently it’s active, the more energy saved. You can reduce the screen time-out period and its brightness in Settings > Display.
But of course, it’s a conflict of interests (convenience vs. saving energy).


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