FP4 makes Screenshot while using Deezer and getting a WhatsApp

Hello there,
my girlfriends FP4 makes a Screenshot by its own while using Deezer and receiving a message by WhatsApp. Does anyone knows this issue? I didn’t found anything about this “feature”. Seems like nobody else has this problem…
I didn’t actually installed any Antivirus-app and it only happens in the mentioned situation. She has installed all updates.

Sorry for my german english :smile: i hope my explanation was ok
Best wishes

Welcome to the community forum.

Agreed. I don’t think I’ve heard of this problem before and a quick trawl of the forum yielded no results.

I think that you should report this problem to official Fairphone Support (see > contactsupport )


Thanks for your Welcome and advice. I will ask them. If they know this problem, i post the answer here.
Maybe it’s a bug of the Deezer app. We will see.

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