FP4 Loudspeaker issue

Hey Folks,
When I am having a call while having the loudspeaker on, my opposite does not hear my voice. Only sometimes. Only quiet.
Anyone else facing thus issue?
Cheers Tobi

Hi Tobi87 and welcome to the community forum!

Is this the case for all types of calls, or just Phone or Signal or Whatsapp or whatever?

You say “only sometimes”. Any additional info about circumstances will help qualify the problem.


Hello Tobi,

Could it be connected to a finger blocking the microphone which is in the small hole on the left side of the phone?


Hi Antoine,

Without having checked, this is a very good suggestion from you and it makes absolutely sense as I have only tried keep the bottom free so far as this is the place I expected a microphone to be located.
I am more than convinced that this was the sulution to my issue. If not,I will let you know. Thank you!


Hi OldRoutard,

Thanks for your reply!

I only had two Phonecalls via usual Connection.no signal or WhatsApp. So there is little comparison so far.
Please see antoines reply below as I am very sure that this is the solution!

Thank you again!


Nice one Antoine! This just goes to show how important it is to know where everything is on a phone.
With the FP3 it was the loudspeakers on the left getting muffled by the base of the thumb when held in left hand…


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