FP4 loading while biking

I like to load my FP4 while biking. The current comes from a Bosch Intuvia Unit (500 mA). The phone is not loaded when using an compatible micro USB A to USB C cable.
(before a Samsung S5 (mini USB B) was connected for loading)

Ich möchte mein FP 4 an einer Bosch Intuvia (500mA - hat vorher gut mit einem Samsung S4 geklappt) laden, Habe zwei extra dafür ausgewiesene Kabel versucht, funktioniert aber nicht.

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Hopefully you have checked the cable works elsewhere and have tried both the orientations of the USB C plug to phone.

If the above are OK then try an alternate device with a USB C port

In addition to amoun’s reply: The manuals for the Bosch Intuvia (2019’s and 2020’s version) points out that the battery in the e-bike must be sufficiently charged (without specifying what “sufficiently” means). If that’s the case, then I would agree with amoun and suspect that the USB cable does not work for charging. - I have a similar problem at home with an electronic cigarette that’s charging through an USB-C port; this also does not work with all USB-C cables that I have lying around here, but only with some. Apparently there are USB-C cables that are not suitable for charging.

It could be that one needs a USB-C cable suitable for charging and Data.

Unfortunately I don’t think this is sufficient even for slow charging a FP4. It’s just enough for the FP3 (despite the fact that the specifications stipulate 1A minimum) but probably insufficient for the FP4. FP4 charging specs are here (also 1A minimum but this time I fear it’s for real …)

Problem solved!

What works:

Combination of



with this FP 4 reports „loading slowly”


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