FP4 Lineageos 20 + MicroG Update Fairphone

On my FP4 I have installed LineageOs 20 with MicroG. This is working very well an I’m happy with this.
LineageOs 20 is based on Android 13. While the latest FP4 stock rom is Android 12. Before I installed LO Stock A11 was installed.

Does it make sense to go back to stock and install this Android 12 update? And then go back to LO20-MicroG again? Maybe because of an Vendor update, or other firmware that is not included in LO20?

" * If you install an OS with an older security patch level than your previous OS, Android’s roll-back protection might brick your device when locking the bootloader! Wait until you get a software update with the same or newer security patch level before locking the bootloader."

As far as I know, you delete all data from your phone when you set up another OS.
So the phone doesn’t remember any of the settings from another OS.
Therefore, it makes no sense to ‘just’ put Android 12 on it and then switch back to Lineageos

I would not have locked the bootloader. I did that before and that did brick this phone. Fairphone had to repair it.
I also know that changing rom will erase everything.
I just was wondering if a new stock rom would upgrade firmware, or vendor-part, that LO20 could not do?

Lineage OS and Lineage for Microg include vendor updates.


Thank you very much! That is what I wanted to know.

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