FP4 keeps turning off by itself

Hi all,

I am new to FP and love my new FP4 which I’ve had a little over a month now…


It continually turns off! I’ve tried everything I’ve read on these forums (safe mode, new SIM card, updating, uninstalling/ reinstalling apps) and no difference.

The battery often says its temperature is too high before it restarts (but only 25% of the time approximately) yet when physically examining the battery it’s not very hot at all.

The phone also most often restarts (or turns off and I have to take the battery out to start it up again) when it’s in my pocket or I put it down on the table or wherever.

Does this sound familiar to anybody? I’d be so grateful for any help or advice as the FP support team get back to my e-mails so slowly! Guess they’re very busy.

Thanks! Rick

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Hi Rick and welcome to the community forum :slightly_smiling_face:

To me these sound like issues that need to be dealt with by Fairphone, you acted correctly by contacting Support and yes, unfortunately they are sometimes rather slow to respond. I would add that it’s likely the phone will have to go in for repair and all data will be wiped, so make sure you have copies of your photos, documents etc. and do a full backup.


Thank you for that OldRoutard! I will do as you’ve suggested.

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I agree with what was said.
I never had any random reboot and battery temperature is fine.


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