FP4 heat up very fast

Did disabling incoming SIP calls make a difference?

I am still testing. But so far i can tell: SIP didnt make a massive difference. I changed to a new SIM day before yesterday evening and had yesterday the first full day with a new SIM. The improvement of batterylife was massive, i want to see it again today, but it seems it was the old SIM that was the problem. I will give a final feedback once i am sure


So I have tested a few things. Removing the SIP completly doesnt change much. The new SIM Card helped a bit, but battery performance is still poor and phone heats up.

There are two things I have noticed:

  1. Phone heats up and looses battery when I receive alot of notifications on various apps (Outlook Email, Teams, Signal, and so on). I was on Battery Safer mode and screen-on is disabled when receiving notifications. I haven’t used my phone all day yesterday and today (yesterday with SIPapp, I deinstalled it yesterday evening to compare it), phone was hot and battery was ~25% after some hours in my bag. (last time I touched it battery was around 85% on both days)
  2. I noticed that there is a constant switch of the sign next to “LTE”. See the print screen attached, sometimes it is without the two triangles, sometimes with one and sometimes with two, it changes every few seconds. I would guess it’s sending and receiving data.

Do you have any other idea how to solve the battery problem?

Have you tried safe mode? If it’s stable there, then at least we can rule out a hardware problem.

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I will be loggedout to all my accounts, right? That is a massive problem, i have several ebanking apps, 5 office accounts with authentificator etc… i don’t want to risk having a problemlwith all them as i need them daily…

This is not a permanent solution I’m proposing. I’m trying to help you pinpoint the cause. By using safe mode for a period of the day, you’ll be able to measure perhaps different battery usage. Then at least we know it’s not a hardware issue. next step is to identify which 3rd party app could be the cause. If using safe mode for 4 hours already shows you steady battery usage, then that’s enough to draw the conclusion that it’s a 3rd party app.

Alright. But after exiting safe mode, all apps will be back to normal, no login’s lost?

There should be no side effects. Although Firefox web shortcuts were lost last time I did it. But everything else such as apps, widgets, settings, all were preserved. Make sure to disable airplane mode in safe mode. Then at least the phone isn’t completely forced in an idle state, and thus we also make sure the SIM card is used. In case it’s damaged it may cause a power drain as well.

I found a nice wiki that explains all the considerations :slight_smile: I also included 2 extra steps to check.


Perfect! Thanks, i will check it and test it and come back onCe i know more. I will be on vacation next week, so i might only reply in two weeks

Update: i did 4hrs in safety mode, batterylevel went from 68% to 56% during that time, so certainly better than before. I will now try to figure out what exactly it is. I am glad for any tipps how to rule it out😃

Next step may be to check persistent processes.

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I thought it was the bad signal, but that’s not it. I spent a full day with perfect reception, Battery drained quickly too. I have started now checking that persistent processes, and will let you know if I find anything. If you know an app that would show the real battery suckers, thanks to let me know!

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[I wrote this days ago but for some reason I forgot to post, maybe I wanted to check something but I can’t remember what, now! :thinking: ]

Yes these symbols indicate outgoing and incoming mobile data traffic. Same for Wi-Fi when enabled.

Your particular use case seems to include a large number of communication apps that are all likely to produce a lot of traffic and also notifications. To my mind this combination may result in increased battery drain if you have all these apps constantly checking for new info.

I have an idea (but no detailed analysis) that unacknowledged notifications in the status bar can be a source of increased battery consumption.

You can disable them somewhere? Because to me these arrows seem like a bug, something that should only be used for testing. Or at least make it work without making all icons bounce all over the place :slight_smile:

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Just sent the following to support. When there is WiFi or mobile network traffic, 2 arrows appear in the status bar which push other icons to the side for a second. This is distracting and looks like an UI error. Please reserve space in the status bar for these arrows so the icons won’t move anymore, or add an option to disable these arrows. Thanks. I’ll update this thread when I have a response.

Thanks alot!

I managed to improve battery life alot now! I deinstalled Sophos Intercept, and at the same time I always killed apps. If I constantly kill all apps, battery life is better, as soon as I forget it, battery drains. So that might be it. But as I forget it from time to time, can anyone recommend a good app that kills apps regularly?

Thanks alot for all your help!

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That’s interesting as there are arguments to the exact opposite, that closing and reopening apps require more power and those in memory use none. I will find the quote on this site :slight_smile:

Of course it doesn’t take into account that some apps are continuously testing signals and trying to connect.


As for closing apps:

If you use the 3 button navigation, for example and click on the square to the right you can see what apps you have running. If you scroll to the left or drag right you will see the option in text to [CLOSE ALL]

Well i know how to close apps, i want an app that closes them regularly.

And as for quote, it doesn’t change anything, as i see it on my phone that battery life is drastically better if i close the apps

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Have you searched the internet apkpure.com for example may have something.

But surely you will have to keep telling the app which to close as you change your use else it may turn off some you want kept ‘running’ In which case [a tap ~ a scroll ~ and a tap] every now and then would seem usable.

So how often do you want to have the apps switched off and have you used the Developers options to Close all background activity > Apps > Don't keep activities and Background processes

Maybe it’s still only one app mainly draining your battery (and obviously it doesn’t drain it once you close it - together with all other apps…) :thinking:

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