FP4 Google camera app


does anybody know if the new fairphone 4 will be able to use the google camera app?


Hi and welcome.

It seems it will be available


These photos were made with Google Camera Port, which is not the original Google Camera app…

How does this work in general?
I thought the original Google Camera app is always customized by Google for a specific Pixel model. And for smartphones that are not from Google, the respective manufacturer programs its own app, which usually does not come close to the quality of Google. In order to still be able to use the good Google Camera app, some programmers port the original Google Camera app (from the pixel model that fits best) for a specific non-Pixel-smartphone or several smartphones.
Or is that completely different? Does anyone know?

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I assume thats actually the google Camera Port mentioned in the above link and you might find more information here

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And the difference is?

It is a community project:

yes but else there is no “the Google Camera App” (see also LibrePhones explanation) and normally what others are looking for is the Google Camera Port, i.e. if you want google cam “features” on another Android device you have to use one of the available GCam Ports. So Overall just a wording question.


That was a misunderstanding on my side, thanks…

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See this thread for more infos FP4 - gcam-port