FP4 flawless working with apps like OSMAND?

I have a FP2 for 4 years and I have project to replace it (fed up with crashes, slowness …). I’m interested by FP4 but, for such a price, I want a flowless working.
I hope I’ll can forget the crashes. But does FP4 works smoothly with demanding apps like the mapping app OSMAND for instance (with contour lines ans shadows options, that never worked properly on my FP2).
Thank you in advance for any advice.

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Just my 2 cents: OSMAnd is quite happy with my FP3+, so I wouldn’t expect less with the FP4.

I can confirm, that Osmand works fine on my FP4.

I’m using Osmand with my FP4 in the US as my main navigation app.

I’m using Osmand(+) from FDroid on my FP4 all the time, never had any issues.

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Note: if you want a high-performance OSMAnd+ and you’re getting it from f-droid (where it’s called OSMAnd~), you need version 4.2.7 or later, since earlier versions, since time immemorial, managed to build with software 3D, causing hilariously low performance – we’re talking 30s to refresh the screen once.

(Any recent version from f-droid should do. Still, any other fdroid users, this is why you got a huge performance boost in OSMAnd in the last six months or so.)

I use OsmAnd on FP4 quite often. It takes a second or two to draw the map at a new location - but otherwise is extremely smooth.

OneNote opens instantaneously (whereas on my old LG V20 it took a minute to open).

Other apps run smoothly as well. Some apps used to get unresponsive once in a while, about a year ago, but then this behaviour disappeared - apparently these were applications’ issues, and not FairPhone’s.

Maybe the OsmAnd’s a bit slow map drawing is also the issue of the app algorithm, and not of the phone performance.

Overall, I am extremely happy with FP4 performance. I’m not sure what will be in 5 years, but at the moment it’s great.

Well, if it takes ages (30s or more) and you got it from f-droid, it’s the way it was built – it was using a software-only mesa, and not using hardware acceleration for 3D is disastrous for performance. It takes a small fraction of a second to draw even complex maps now. (Note: f-droid itself has been updated to use a new indexing mechanism which, uh, appears somewhat broken right now, so f-droid appears to have no apps in it at all, so you might well find you’re not being offered a new, faster OSMAnd~. The solution is to go to f-droid’s settings page and turn on the old indexer – it’s the option at the bottom, “Force old index format”. You should then find a much newer OSMAnd~ is available, with this problem fixed.)

And check the OSMAND~ settings to make sure you are using the new rendering engine. At least since the latest update, it works way better for me.


Thanks for the hint! I was still on the old engine and the difference is impressive!

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Here I went back to 4.2.7 because higher versions had various problems: Bad graphics performance (meanwhile fixed), A few days ago I checked again with the most recent version (play store). With that Osmand freezes when switching on voice hints for navigation. Unusable. Now I wait a few month before trying again.

Fairphone 4

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