FP4 Firefox Status Bar "invisible"

Is someone else having the problem that while using Firefox mobile on Fairphone 4, the Android status bar becomes nearly invisible because the text/icon color matches the background?

Never had this issue with another phone before. I’m just using the stock rom with the light theme at the moment.

Not sure if something is configured wrong or if this is a bug.


I have the same, not sure if it’s a Firefox issue or FP.


Has either of you tried Firefox Nightly, to check if the problem is specific to Firefox stable? :thinking:

(I don’t have this issue, but I’m not on stock, so it might be related to FPOS)

No issues using fennec, which is based on Firefox

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The same happens to me using stable Firefox Mobile. Furtunately, I usually have dark mode on :slight_smile:

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This seems to be a known Firefox bug: [Bug]: Status bar icons are difficult to see on some devices · Issue #26674 · mozilla-mobile/fenix · GitHub . If I read the issue correctly, it should be fixed in 107.


Thank you, I somehow didn’t find this, although I was searching for known issues :person_facepalming:
Then it should be resolved soon!

I also see it here, so maybe it’s an issue in both. But the Google may be the one that needs to fix it. This is the news feed in the default launcher.

I assumed it was another Firefox mis’feature’. Glad to see it’s acknowledged as a bug: it’s rather annoying. (If it was a switchable option it might be something nice to have at times, though.)

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May come on Tuesday


Can confirm that it now works fine with the latest Firefox version :+1:


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