FP4 e/os: what does not work?

Really wanting to move to e/os, I am still afraid something might not work. I met someone here in Sweden (also Dutch by the way) who has an FP4 and BandID and Swish work. But I am still wondering about some other apps that might not work.

I could ask if there is anyone here in Sweden who bank at Länsförsärkingar but chances are there are none. So is there a way I can find out?

Is there a list of apps that we know do not work on eos?


I found nothing, even my banking App work. But i live in germany.

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In the e/OS forum they have list(s) with apps (not) working, so maybe check there as its not device specific I guess and the chance higher to find someone using this app


The list : [LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG - Lists - /e/OS community


Awesome, thanks!

OK, so PayPal is a pity but that works in the browser. Netflix is a pity too but then my wife controls what we’re watching… :wink:

both paypal and netflix work with microG without issues. Don’t use /e/ myself but calyx with microG. The only things I found not working are anything related to in-app purchases / license checks, and google pay. Oh, and unfortunately the fairphone camera app, which is a shame.

Everything else has been working for me, and since I don’t use anything related to gpay / in-app pay, I really don’t see miss anything.

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