FP4, /e/OS: camera quality and revert backto FP OS


I thinking about to install /e/OS on my new Fairphone4. I have two short questions to Fairphone4 and /e/OS

  1. Is the quality of the camera pictures the same like under FairphoneOS? I assume I must install the camera App which is also used in FairPhoneOS, right? Where can I find this camera App? Or is some camera quality improved code is directly intergrated into FairPhone OS which is then missing in /e/OS (and so photos make on /e/OS will be have a lower qualitiy)?

  2. In the last section of https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405858189585 stands, that is currently not possible to change back to FairPhone OS, but that they working hard on it. Anybody knows if there is a time plan for this?

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

As this is not an official Fairphone forum, the time plan is ‘ask fairphone’
Re the camera app. Once you have the phone then try and save the camera apk, there are apps that will do that, then you can import it later.

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there are currently some obstacles for third party camera apps, as they cannot use e.g. wide range, see here reg e/OS and the use of FP stock cam app Install /e/ on a Fairphone FP4 - “FP4” (beta) - #38 by FairphoneHulk

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Thanks for your relpies.

May be I will then stay a while on FairphoneOS. Because once I have installed the apk of the camera app it would be hard to get and install updates of that app.

Later if I have the option to switch back to FairPhoneOS, may be I test also some alternatives camera apps and switching to /e/OS. I will see…

For posts on the camera FP4 issue see


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