FP4 dropped hard and now doesn't turn on at all or for long

I think I might have destroyed my FP4.

At a gas station I left my phone on top my car. Then I absent-mindedly drove away. My phone fall off. The screen was broken: the glass was shattered; touch input didn’t work. But the phone was still on because it rang and vibrated when called. The case and the back-cover were also damaged.

So I ordered some new parts (screen, case and back-cover). After replacing these parts the phone looked fixed: it booted and worked like usually.

After a 1/2 weeks the phone started to randomly turn off, at first less then once day. After some days, it turned off randomly around once a day. The phone didn’t reboot, I had to turn it on myself.

After one week or so, I wasn’t able to turned it back on when I noticed it was off. I had to wait maybe a couple of minutes, maybe a couple of hours before it turned off.

Now, it hardly turns on, and when it does I’m lucky if I can entry my pin: usually it turns off before.

I repeatedly disassembled the FP4 and inspected the phone for damage. I noticed a little crack and some little bent on the edge of the main board. Something hardly noticeable in a photo.

Does anyone has any idea about what I can do next (either repair, diagnosis or others)? Any advice?

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