FP4 dead. please help

i just went to check my phone.
i been using it for? i duno,a month? 2 months?
it is dead as a doornail.
no new apps, no new downloads, nothing & i usualy leave it in offline airplane mode with all wireless signals off and all sensors off while it is charging & i am sleeping.

i get up today and go to check my messages & it is dead. a brandnew ph4.
does now power on, not with any button combo, not with power cord attachment, now with battery removal & reinstal.

pleas advise. i seriously need this phone to work.


  • Trying holding the power button for over 10 seconds to ensure it is off and then try starting again
  • If that doesn’t work, ensure the power is off, using the 10 second press, then remove the battery for 30 seconds, replace and power on again.
  • If you have access to a voltmeter check the battery voltage is above 3.8v

Hopefully in either case you will notice a vibration to say there is power getting to the circuit.

For future ref. It is not advised that a battery is charged over night as this may lead to a full charge too frequently and reduce the overall lifetime use of the battery.

Place a support question with Fairphone as response and repairs may take two or even three weeks.

There is an issue that sometimes the screen goes so dark it is impossible to see any interface.

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is generally good advice, in this case

should have done more or less the same already.

You might try with a different cable and charger. Maybe there’s something wrong with one of them and the phone discharged during the night instead of charging.
If that also doesn’t help then you’ll have to #contactsupport as already mentioned by @anon9989719 .


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