FP4 crashed, won't reboot

My FP4 crashed when I was just looking at a picture on the screen, wouldn’t reboot.
I figured maybe the battery suddenly dropped or so. When charging through the cable, the phone vibrates and the screen becomes a bit lighter, no blue dots.
When I leave it on the cable, the vibrating and lighter screen happens about every 20seconds but nothing else happens.
The phone felt quite hot so I removed the battery until both phone and battery had cooled off.
As it becomes lighter periodically, I don’t suppose the screen is broken, and since there is some vibrating, the battery doesn’t seem to be the culprit either.
As I don’t see anything on the screen, I can’t enter the safe mode either.
Any ideas what to try, it’s kind of annoying as we’re currently abroad.

What kind of charger are you using? Looks like the battery is down and your charger doesn’t have enough power to charge the battery and power up the phone at the same time.

thanks for your answer
when it crashed the battery was just over 40% full. I use the fairphone cable and charger (only the USBC to USBC because the USBA port just broke off after less than 2 months of use sadly)
now I’ve removed the battery again, looks ok, placed it back and am charging (with FP cable& charger) without touching the power button. If I try turning it on, just periodic sligthly lighter screen and short vibration.
(I’m not very technical , forgot to mention that)

I also noticed it heats up when charging, not extremely hot but still noticeable, where the camera module (when opened) feels hotter than the rest

I would try another cable and charger. Def. I would ensure its not somehow powered on while charging and any process going crazy, i.e. take out the battery charge def for at least 30 minutes (or even longer) without trying to power on to see if its still getting hot. When you say abroad, where are you, so in some countries it might charge slower than normal due to different voltage as in your home country.

France (as opposed to Belgium) but we’ve been here for over a week and a few times before since I bought the FP4 and I didn’t notice it being slower yet.
Either way, just to make sure, you mean plug in the cable when the battery is not in the device?

No sorry I meant to be sure its def off take out the battery, put it back in and charge without trying to turn on for at least 30 minutes. Does the FP4 have a LED to indicate charging Status, so red, yellowish, green?if yes, is it showing something?

No, I miss the LED :slight_smile:

strangely, on the other cable, he does the “vibrating/flashing” every few seconds even when I don’t turn it on.
How do I make sure it’s turned off?

Take out the battery is the only I could think of without a working screen…

When it then still starts to vibrate when plugging in different cable and use different charger you could try to start into recovery (how to explained [here])(https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405445579537-FP4-Factory-reset-erase-all-data-). You can try to boot to system from there.

Else if you can dismantle, try if its just a loose contact. Maybe you are close to one of the French #fairphoneangels who might be able to help?

Fairphone logo never appears so the recovery doesn’t seem an option.

Can it be that the battery just died? Strange after only 2months or so but ok. A friend of mine apparently had the same issue with her FP3, replaced the battery and the phone was ok.
Sadly finding a FP angel is not compatible with the agenda of the group we’re with :frowning: so if there’s nothing further I can try it’ll have to wait until next week which is quite annoying.
I guess ordering a battery to make sure I have that as soon as I’m home is a long shot?

it also heats up on all the three cables I’ve tried so far, but only under the camera icon when I remove the cover

Contacted the official support, they want me to send the phone to France.
the cable broke off (very little to diagnose and i’m reading it happens often)
the battery probably failed
both within 3 months of normal use
If you can’t replace these rather clear cut warranty cases and want me to send the phone to another country and lose it for weeks, you’re just telling someone who supported the FP2 crowdfunding, bought one of the first 10517 or whatever, used it to the full for 7 years and sent it in for recycling, that the official customer service sadly hasn’t moved on from the disaster it was in the early years in nearly a decade
i’ll just order another battery and keep in mind the ‘fair’ in fairphone apparently doesn’t really count for warranty
very disappointed in the company but thanks to all who tried to help me on here!

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New battery doesn’t do the trick… I don’t suppose I have any option but to send it in :frowning:

just wanted to report back that after a rather cumbersome process contacting the customer service, the phone was sent to France and when I received it back the screen had been replaced (but the report said “no issue found” next to that) and the mother board was replaced as well.
works like a charm now, but it’s essentially a new phone so no surprise there.
I keep wondering what I may have done wrong though.

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