FP4 - Connectivity issues

Hey there,

Since two days my mobile data and wifi no longer connects to the internet. There is constantly an exclamation mark next to my mobile signal symbol.

I checked my settings and my mobile data is enabled, my preferred netwerk type is set right (to 5g/4g/3g/2g) and have disabled ‘automatically select network’. I also tried resettings APNs.

I have a FP4 in the Netherlands with provider Odido (previously Tele2).

I hope someone can help me out, thanks in advance.


Hi and welcome, did you already contact your provider?

Yes I have, they said my sim is active and they couldn’t see anything that could cause this issue.

I also have this issues here and there. But always at home. And only on my new operator, previous one was ok. They don’t see anything wrong on their side, but I’m sure there is something. For me it helps to turn the Fly mode on, wait for couple of seconds and turn it off.
I know it doesn’t fix the issue, but it’s workaround. I hope it helps, until the real fix arrives :slight_smile:

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The standard answer so maybe poke them a bit as well

You can try to manually create a new one and delete the old one

How old is your SIM?
If remove the APN and then creating a new one doesn’t help, you may want to consider to change your SIM for a new one.

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I have managed to manually add an apn but I cannot see the option to delete the old one. How do I do that?

My sim is nearly two years old. There has been a change that Tele2 has become Odido, but that happened in the beginning of September so I am not sure if this issue can be due to that.

Sadly that quick fix doesn’t work for my phone :frowning: and for me it does not really matter where I am

Tap on the name of the APN you want to delete. In the next screen where you see the APN settings tap on the three dots on the top of the screen on the right.
Now you can choose Delete APN.

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I have deleted the apn, it sadly didn’t help.
I also have put the simcard in another phone in which it does work, so it seems the issue lies with the phone. I’ll contact support on Monday and hopefully they can help out.

The issue may still be the SIM card/Provider and at least a compatibility issue somewhow. Best would be to test a SIM from a different provider.

However I overlooked that you said wifi isnt connecting either.

As it’s working on another phone - did you create screenshots of the APN settings there and create an APN on your FP with the exactly same settings?


I have tested a SIM from a different provider, didn’t work out unfortunately.
APN settings I have also created as suggested but this didn’t change anything.

Meanwhile I have had contact with customer service, I have done some service tests they have suggested and the next step will probably be to send it to them.

Thanks for all the suggestions though =)

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