FP4 change default microphone for speakerphone calls

During speakerphone calls, the FP4 uses the microphone on the left of the device. Because of the way I hold my phone I often obstruct that microphone with my fingers resulting in me sounding muffled without realizing.

Is there a way to change which default microphone the stock android phone application uses for speakerphone calls? (ie. to the microphone near the charge port)

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Hello. Unfortunately no, this isn’t user-configurable. But you’re not the first one to complain about this. You can #contactsupport. It is possible they could change it,


Hi no but there is a way change the way you hold it. It seems a bit odd but you could turn the phone upside down when you want to use a handsfree call :slight_smile:

I can even do WhatsApp video calls with the phone upside down :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Whereas my image is OK when I invert the phone, I may have to ask the other caller to do the same. The incomming video can be upside down :smiley:

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