FP4 camera update - where are the new features?


I am a little bit confused about the new camera update. It hard to realise what are the new features. Sometimes there is an icon, on upper right corner, opening a set of options (landscape, cat, dogs, food, etc), but in the most cases the icon is missing. If I would like to use these new options/categories, how can I get them?

This icon only appears, after the camera recognizes a special scene, then it will be shown and can be changed. While the software is still searching or doesn’t find a preset that seem to match the scene, the symbol is not shown.

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You might also find some additional features (although I cannot really say if they are new) this way:

Why is that so? Would it be possible to keep the icon on the screen all time?

That’s a question for the software developers, maybe you should contact support, we are all customers and users like you.