FP4 booting issues running/updating IodeOs

Hello Everyone

I facing the same issue. Starting phone, Fairphone logo appears, vibrate, screen goes black. When connected to a PC it’s gonna be recognized (before flashing again, aswell to Bluetooth, wifi etc.).

Since I have my phone I use it with Iodé Custom ROM and never had any issue.

Never locked my bootloader due bad experience with my first FP4 :sweat_smile:
Due this I was able to install some ROM including latest Stock ROM from FP4. Nothing resolved this issue.

Purchased my phone on March 2022. No rooting, unlocked Bootloader aswell unlock_critical (needed to flash FP4 Stock ROM).

I will be stayed tuned about this topic!

Hmmm ok Iode OS for example does not need unlock critical, maybe its even counterproductive?

What was installed when it happened FPOS or iode OS?

Cant you change slots and boot the previous version installed?

Do we understand you correctly: you have the issue, rebootet the phone after update into the black screen, but the phone still showed up in the router’s wifi network as connected?

Carefully thinking, to me this rather looks like a screen driver issue than a boot slot problem. But this means, you should be able to use the USB-HDMI-cable to use a a TV-set to at least save all your data before sending the phone in or wiping anything. You should, but this is not guaranteed, though!

Yes I know but was needed for Stock ROM.
It was Iode OS.
I already tried but did not help.

Need to give you more background. It began with a suddenly ultra low brightness. I was still able to see something, tried to increase brightness but nothing happened. Faced this approx 3 to 4 times in the last half year. Was already A13. Usually it helped to remove the batterie and start the phone again. So no did not happened right after an update.
Before I flashed again yes, example: Sitting in the car, phone was black and connected to carbluetooth.

Yes that could be very likely.
I read this advice more than once, but unfortunately I don’t have the fitting equipment. Will see if I can test it that way.

I opened a new topic as I dont see a clear connection to the issue after the failed FPOS update other than maybe the A/B fallback not properly working issue adding to it, although I doubt as yours might actually boot (as you see wifi, BT connections)

Okay, thanks, that clears something up… I also missed the part with iodeOS, which is oviosly a custom rom (which I have never heard about before).
This makes your problem a little unique.

So, here a little instruction for affected non-professionals who want want to help finding out whether the phone is dead after the update or only black screened:

Supposed the case you were connected to your home wifi network before the update, should should have been able to see your phone in the router’s network list.
On a Fritz!Box (popular in Germany, but it should work on other routers accordingly) you can log on to you router, check something like “Home Network”, then below “Network”. With your phone switched off it should not appear in the list. When switching on, a good and working phone should connect after booting and you should be able to see it in your “Active connections” list.

Maybe someone with an affected (but not wiped) stock rom FP4 can check if the phone appears in the list after booting…

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Well having the same thing with latest StockROM A13 for FP4. So maybe the OS where it occurs is a little bit unique. But I’m guessing it could be the same problem. We will see.

Now with StockRom A13 I still have a Blackscreen. But when pushing the on/off (fingerprint) button I hear the screenunlock sound. Having a GuestWifi Running which is open but it does not connect until now.

This is probably because it hasn’t been set to “connect to open wifi automatically”.
What you could try is (as described in the other tread) removing your SIM Card, put it into another device, remove the SIM PIN temporarily, and put it back to the FP4.
Then boot the phone, wait a while and try to give it a call. If it rings, then we know it is alive.

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And (this might sound more like a desperate or esotheric approach): open the phone, disconnect the screen connector and connect it decently again.
Half a percent that this might work. :thinking:

:sweat_smile: I already did, but was the 99,5 percent hit…
However, I will find a Screen and a cable to see whats up with my phone.

Holy cow!
This actually works!!!

So while booting I got “Vodafone, the person you called…etc”
After a bit the screen changes slightly, but still black. I can hear it ring from the calling phone, but nothing coming on the FP4. Seems the modem part is up and would receive the call…interesting?

@ ogghi

Just to be sure: have you been on lodeOS when you updated the phone or were you on stock rom when updating and you only had lodeOS installed , once before?

Hi there, I was on stock rom when trying to update.

I never had IodeOS, but I recall I had LineageOS once to test in the very beginning.

So I was able to test the device via an USB-C Dock. I have seen the screen and setup the device as you setup normaly over the screen.
Means Device is up an running on StockROM A13.