FP4 black screen in YouTube after Android 13 upgrade

I have a strange issue:
After I’ve updated my FP4 to Android 13, I sometimes get a black screen after pausing a full-screen YouTube video and locking the screen. When trying to unlock, the screen turns on, but shows a completely black screen.
From the haptic feedback, it seems like I can unlock the phone with my fingerprint, but the black screen persists.
After a reboot everything is back to normal.
For the last weeks, I’ve had to reboot my FP4 on a daily basis.
Does anyone else experience this issue?

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Switch of 5G and see what happens then.

I would rather say, switch off auto rotate like described her

Thank you for the hint, I’ll try that out.

Sadly, this doesn’t fix the problem.
I just had a black screen again, after pausing a YouTube video in full-screen and locking the screen.
Curiously, the problem doesn’t happen on every occasion.

It only happens with YT also when not using the YT App?

I had the problem only emerging with YouTube. Though, this may also be, because I hardly use landscape mode in any other app.

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I have the same problem. FP4. Android13. But not depending on screen, auto rotate, 5G, YT.
Even the tip to take out battery, I have tried. But now and then when I want to turn on the FP4 i see that the screen is on; it is black but with a little 'side’light, but will not turn on. I can switch is off. Real black screen. Or I can activate google assistant, but the screen ramins black until shut off and start up again.

My FP4 behaves the same way that MarkCB’s.

I have experienced this same issue but with Google maps/navigation rather than YT.
Suspect there is an underlying issue since latest software update.

Has anyone raised this issue on the official Fairphone support channel?

If I watch a YouTube video in landscape immersive mode and lock the device, either:

  • The lock screen simply doesn’t display (instead #000000 is displayed) and the sole way to bypass this is the fingerprint scanner, or:
  • The device displays a still screenshot of sorts of what I was viewing (video frame and YouTube GUI together) and although the display disables and enables itself based upon the physical button press, I am unable to interact with the display, and the lock screen is bypassed.

@grumpydad99. I have not.

I’m also experiencing the black screen ! And now it’s up to 4 times a day… Doesn’t appear to be linked to any given App or screen rotation, and certainly not 5g as I live in the countryside so don’t get 5g !
It’s serious starting to make me angry.
Do the fairphone people read this forum and give answers, or is this just another sandbox ?
Meanwhile I suppose we just have to keep taking the battery out :disappointed:

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The forum is not official support line. Sometimes for some bugs still FP provides an update here.

So if not done yet, contact support via official channels to help identifying the root cause.


@Lidwien, why do you suggest that?

Just to rule out that 5G has a role in the problem.

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Hi, I have raised the issue. No solution yet.
The first response I got was ‘rubbish’ (useful for another issue, but not for this one).
After explaining the problem again support wrote this.

If it is the screen freeze issue, you do not need to take the battery out. You can long press (quite long) the phone’s fingerprint button to turn it off.

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Yes. Mostly it works. But honestly having to do that up to four times a day is plain annoying.

The solution seems to be to turn off autorotation.

This needs fixing !!

I got a new message from support today.
They are working on it.

Thank you for your patience.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the display issues you experience.
Rest assured, we are currently thoroughly investigating the root cause of this issue and are working on a permanent solution.
In the meantime, please keep Auto-rotate disabled.
We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this issue.
We will keep you updated on the progress of our investigation.

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