FP4 Battery loose contact

Hello amazing Community!

My FP4 Battery seems to have gotten loose after my phone dropped.
Now every time I lay it on the table or it vibrates, the Battery contacts seem to break and it restartes or just switches itself off.
Any hint what I could do? I doubt a Battery replacement will solve the issue but have already ordered a new one to try.
I have a feeling it needs another fix. Temporarily I just added a piece of folded Paper in there to fix the Battery, as it was not holding tight anymore. Since then its better but still happens.
As badly as that it switches itself off when my alarm rings with vibration in the morning, so you can imagine it has caused me lots of trouble already :slight_smile:

Will appreciate any advice!

Thanks and all the best!

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While I cannot single out a specific part, you might want to thoroughly check if any spacer or the like – both on the battery itself as well as on its surroundings of the battery tray (and the back cover!) – might have broken off. Also have a look at the pins that go into the battery at the top end.

Once your spare battery arrives, this will be somewhat easy, but until then you might want to just compare all the details of your battery with the pictures on Fairphone’s website like https://shop.fairphone.com/en/spare-parts/fairphone-4-battery or at iFixit Fairphone 4 - iFixit which has some really high resolution photos.

P.S.: Perhaps this one details the tray best (click for enlarged view):



My daughter has the same problem. Support responded with an RMA but the repair people fixed a cracked screen by mistake. :rofl:

Fairphone have now sent a new battery, but as my daughter transferred to an FP3 temporarily I’m waiting to hear.

My idea was to add a little line of silicon rubber to the base of the battery to add pressure to the contacts.

Will update when I’ve heard from my daughter :slight_smile:

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Just heard from my daughter the new battery is a better fit. She is going to send me pictures of the bottom which is a bit concave so doesn’t grip, and clearly the new battery is a different batch

Hello and thank you so much for the replies and great support!

All spacers seem intact, although the lower one was coming a tiny bit off on the left, might have been part of the cause, that the Battery did not fit in properly and thereby got loose.

I placed in a little cardboard to add more pressure to the contacts and it worked temporarily.
Just now the new battery arrived and it seems to fit well, although it seems to be just the same as before. Hope the problem is herewith resolved but will observe and update on how it goes.

Perhaps the line of silicon or a new/additional spacer may not be a bad idea for longevity.
Thanks a lot and all the best!

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