FP4 Battery Drain Since Last Update

How old is your SIM? If 5G is enabled I would start to disable this.

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I don’t know how old my SIM is. Unfortunately I can’t find the option to turn off 5G either. I can set it to “Preferred network type: 2G/3G/LTE”, but the 5 on my Wi-Fi icon still shows up, as if it still uses 5G. I haven’t noticed a difference regarding the battery drain on this setting yet, either.

The 5 on the Wifi symbol is indicating a 5Ghz Wifi network and has nothing to do with mobile data (5G). So it should be off when mobile data is set to 2G/3G/4G(LTE)

Maybe its really the SIsM card, try to get a new one from your provider.

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I see. Sadly the setting still hasn’t fixed the issue in the past, I also am usually not using my mobile data unless there is no Wi-Fi around (which is not the case a majority of the time).

I suppose I can try a new SIM-Card, however I don’t really understand why the issue would occur at the exact same time that the new Android update is installed, if the issue is with my SIM card

So do you use wifi calling or VoLTE/4G calling? Try to turn off.

At the end it can be a coincidence…

Else get in contact with FP support again.

The fact its better without SIM def shows the issue is somehow connected.

Ah my apologies, I do use mobile data. I was mixing up some words, my bad. I’m planning to get a new SIM card and will report back if it made any difference, though. Thanks for the help.

I can reduce or even eliminate the battery drain if I stop the Garmin Connect app every time I restart the phone and every time I disconnect from charging - the app starts after disconnecting. And disable the location service helps too. The phone stays cold most of the time when doing these two things.

It’s been a while, but I finally got around getting a new SIM card. Same issue. Turning off my SIM card in the setting resolves it, but well. That also means no mobile data at all, so not an option when I’m out - where battery is the most important. It drains roughly 5% per hour with SIM card in and activated.

Hi !
I was experiencing the same issue (battery draining). It happens that during a visit in south africa, I had to buy a local sim card and this one has 5G features.
Back in France, I was experiencing a very low battery life time.
I just changed the “prefered network type” from 5G to 4G and everything is back to normal now.
I suspect that with incompatible sim card, the system try again and again to use 5G features… just my 2 cents