FP4 Android Auto not working

Hello , i have the same trouble with my car a DACIA Spring and my FP4.
My wife have the same FP4 and he connect correctly with the same usb cable .

Hi and welcome, I opened a new topic in the FP4 categroy, probably you should add a few more info here.

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when i connect my FP4 with usb cable to my car , the android auto dont see my car : with my wife FP4, android auto start correctly .

Just to be sure: you have the stock Android from Fairphone on your FP4 or do you run one of the alternatives like /e/, iode, Calyx, etc.?

it’s android from Fairphone orignal .

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I am having the same problem, for me it only started after the last update. I had never any issues connecting to my vw golf before. The car has not had any updates so the problem is linked to the fp4.