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Ever since my stock FP4 was (finally) upgraded to android 12, Android Auto wasn’t working anymore for my additional users.
I choose the stock android experience that FP provides for the specific functionality that one is able to create ‘multiple users’ in settings and thus have a daily driver profile and a professional profile, social media profile etc.
So Android Auto only works after upgrade to Android 12 for my main user which is active after boot.
When switching to my professional profile, Android Auto icon appears in the car, but as soon as I click it, an Android Auto screen briefly appears on my phone with a button to proceed (as if I need to configure it again for the first time) but once clicked on proceed, Android Auto crashes.

I’ve done a few things to try to resolve it myself.

  1. Clear cache for AA on all users
  2. Clear storage for AA on all users
  3. Delete additional users and recreate additional users
  4. Reinstall phone - factory reset and recreate additional users

All to no avail, am I the only one using these additional users to separate work-life balance?


Hi Just to say welcome to the forum,

I’ll be absolutely no help with this but hopefully someone with be able to engage more fruitfully.

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I have the feeling people rather use the App Shelter from F-Droid Store with the Android working profile feature to seperate private from work…

I use neither so cant tell you what the exact difference is, maybe you can do some search and tests…

I understand I’m defining a bit of a niche use-case, but it being a standard AOSP functionality I’d like to add attention to the topic.
To have different users on your phone (many phone manufacturers disable it sadly) and being able to switch to them gives the user a demarcated environment without the use of any app to facilitate this.
This is one of the added values that in general Android has over iOS.

Perhaps #contactsupport can shed some light?
I’m close to rolling back to Android 11, where this worked flawlessly.
Perhaps this was not tested with the Android 12 release for the FP4?

This is a community forum, FP team members read it at times but not every thread. If you want an FP reply, you might need to contact support.


And to add: the contactsupport tagg is doing nothing other than linking to a topic giving details on how to contact support.

And you cant roll back to Android 11, or even if you could its def not advisesible or coming with tremendous risks e.g. to completly brick the phone.

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Thanks, indeed it seems to only link to the thread on how to contact support. Followed the instructions, fingers crossed :slight_smile:

This has been fixed by the Android 13 roll-out of Fairphone OS :star_struck:


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