FP4 Android 11 volume and alarm

Hi all,

Not sure if it’s FP4-specific or Android 11, but I missed an alarm and got a notification “you missed an alarm because the alarm sound was muted”. Who does that?!

I have a hard time finding the right settings. Basically I have these settings:

  • mute all sounds and vibration for notifications, texts, and calls (my default; if I want to use my phone I pick it up but otherwise never disturb) but NOT the alarm of course
  • have sound and alarm for notifications and texts and calls (when I expect a call or am at work and the phone is next to me but am busy on something)
  • have loud sound (on the way, phone in pocket, and I am expecting an important call)

I used to have a Sound Profile app but that didn’t seem to work with Android 11.

Any suggestions on how to have the sound settings, what app or toggle and what not to use?


That’s werid. This happened to me too a few days ago. And I’m fairly sure that I didn’t mute the alarms myself. Maybe it’s some bug in the Google Clock app?

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It seems that I have that problem too.
I have had to go back to my old phone, and today I transferred its content to the fairphone4.

But while notifications from the calendar, and those of the incoming messages are clear (and too loud but I could change that), the alarm clock is locked into silence.
Today came another android (or fhairphoneOS?) update, but that didn’t change the alarm problem.

I don’t want to carry the old phone only to have an alarm clock at hand. It’s ageing so much that I had to buy something newer, just to get security updates. So yes, I want fairphone to take over ALL of the old galaxy S8

OK, it has been a while and there have been two updates in the meantime. This happened only once since, and I actually saw a notification on the screen saying “alarm volume is off”. So I was actually warned, which is one step in the right direction. But I have been using the volume a lot and the alarm volume did not change.

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